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February 2020

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Harmony Byrne returns in gob-smacking Americana style

Harmony Byrne returns to the show this week and once again leaves us reeling in her wake. This is our third track from…

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Taken by Canadians – a close encounter of the third kind

Taken by Canadians spins in the studio today from off of the vinyl. Their eloquent track Magdalene is the first of two tracks…

Acoustic music Aspiring artists Bookended shows Music video New Music Selection Record Box Classic

The Telyscopes – sing mata mata while Alexandria burns

The Telyscopes left Virginia and now sing out of Philadelphia. Not to be confused with the flavourless emulsion cheese of the UK. The…

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The Lathums – one to watch for 2020

The Lathums – just a couple of lads from Wigan – are brought to the show this week by “that Jamie”. Jamie calls…

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Mrs Henry remind us exactly what good old rock ‘n’ roll sounds like

Mrs Henry from San Diego, California, bookend today’s show with two real rock ‘n’ roll bangers. Once again brought to us by our…