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November 2020

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Jennifer Propeller – 3 deep cuts with a promise of more on the way

Jennifer Propeller, 3 tracks deep and a further EP in the wings. They are the self-styled dreamy end of indie-alternative melancholia. And they…

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Godcaster finally get their debut LP out of the traps

Godcaster, cult-like psych-rockers and firm devotees of Judson Kolk, spill out their nightmarish vision onto the unsuspecting masses. Unsurprisingly pressed to red vinyl…

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Tapeworms deliver a unique and captivating debut LP

Tapeworms, bedroom shoegaze fused with J-pop and video games bring us a new release on Howlin’ Banana Records. Straight out of France. After…

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Silverlode, why is this Leeds-based band not signed up to a label?

Silverlode, a folksome indie rock’n’ roll band from Leeds, Yorkshire, England. There is quite a lot to go at from Silverlode, and a great…