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Any Sunday Morning – Parisian musician extraordinaire

Any Sunday Morning, Paris-based musician Sébastien, brings his simple, well-travelled music to today’s show. Richard has been listening with glee to the LP White Rainbow and picks his favourite tune off of it as we explore Any Sunday Morning. More on this French musician later. Tobin has the bookend this week and brings back I Am Kloot with two excellent tracks. Sandwiched in amongst the show as well this week is “That Jamie” and his track of the month. Jamie describes the track as “divisive” – listen the boys arguing it out. Two out of three ain’t bad Jamie!

As I Am Kloot return to the show, so does the latest from Huw Costin aka Torn Sail. Following on the heels of his latest NuNorthern Soul release this reworking of A Beautiful Life is esoteric, subtle and dripping with the gloriously fluid vibes we’ve come to expect. Torn Sail are rapidly becoming a favourite here at Record Box HQ. They are an official FTBOTRB Recommendation and are essential listening. And staying in Nottinghamshire, UK, we bring Lawrence County to the show. Americana from deep in the UK. Who’d have thought it?

New Music and field recordings coming up

Expect a sepia tinted … unlikely blend of attitude, Americana, alt-Country & folk.

Lawrence County

Finishing off the show this week we have Tobin’s New Music Shot and his field recordings masterpiece from Eluvium. Quite why Tobin likens Dead Pony – his New Music candidate – to Eurovision failures is anyone’s guess, but he apologises, before he gets lynched by the band. His temptation from Eluvium, and the promise of a seven disc set sends Richard into interstellar overdrive. Bats? Who would have thought they make such good music???

  1. Northern Skies I Am Kloot
  2. Everything Is Easy Dead Pony
  3. A Beautiful Fang Torn Sail
  4. Amu Iglooghost
  5. Dusk Tempi Eluvium
  6. Smile To The Child Any Sunday Morning
  7. The Loner Lawrence County
  8. No Fear of Falling I Am Kloot

Any Sunday Morning – in Seb’s own words

Any Sunday Morning is a creation of the singer/songwriter Seb, from his suburban city of Sannois, north of Paris. He heard the call for music in his teen years when he bought his first guitar and amp (a Washburn and a valvestate Marshall) and tried to learn on his own big classics from Nirvana, RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins or Ben Harper. But that’s only when he took real guitar lessons, thanks to his first job, that the lights of creation opened up their arms and have him really discover what you can achieve through music… and with a band!

Then everything accelerated when he met Ben (from Wolf City) a few months after: they kept composing and feeding each other with a lot of influences ranging from indie folk to low-fi, grunge, stoner rock … and beers (basics!). They took part in a few bands together for some years before finally separating and carrying on with their own projects. The alchemy was not always there!

White Rainbow – the Any Sunday Morning debut LP

And finally came his debut album, White Rainbow, which was released in June 2019 with 14 songs covering almost 10 years of life & music experiences. This album is dedicated to all the usual ups & downs you can encounter in life and that make you find it sometimes colourful or colourless.

Seb lost his brother in 2003 which profoundly impacted him and his approach to music. Music saved his life. With this album he found a strong inspiration from all the indie pop & folk songs that helped him live through the past decades. White Rainbow is like a milestone, the closing of a chapter and a new beginning. And naturally Ben helped him arrange the album and put some strong guitar leads on it! So sit back, grab your favourite beer and come on ride with Any Sunday Morning on some good songs.

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