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The Bad Day Blues Band stir up a finger of God with Hurricane

Firstly, turn up the volume. Secondly, strap yourself in because there’s a Hurricane coming. The Bad Day Blues Band are our New Music this week with their latest track released within the last 24 hours. We’ve got the Press Release and a review from here at Record Box HQ. Hot blues rock being served freshly on the show! However, that’s all to come, before then Tobin has the bookend with the excellent Honey Moon, despite them causing an argument on air about where they sit sound-wise in the decades gone by.

Richard introduces Tobin to the tragic, fragile and often lost voice of Karen Dalton and plays a surprise track live in the studio to further showcase her brilliance. Furthermore, apropos of vocal clarity and brilliance, we play and discuss Suzanne Vega and the importance of her legacy on MP3 technology. In stark contrast to this we funk up the show with Richard’s embarrassing dancing to The Meters.

Track Listing

  1. If I Could Only Dream Honey Moon
  2. How Sweet It Is Karen Dalton
  3. Katie Cruel Karen Dalton
  4. Hurricane The Bad Day Blues Band
  5. Tom’s Diner Suzanne Vega
  6. Just Kissed My Baby The Meters
  7. Call Me St. Paul and The Broken Bones
  8. (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special? Honey Moon

What did FTBOTRB think of Bad Day Blues Band?

First of all I want to thank Adam from Bad Day Blues Band for sending in the pre-release of Hurricane. Right off the bat this tune is on its way to be a genuine stadium rocker – and probably right on time as the band is playing the Isle of Wight Festival this year. As we mentioned in the show this track has the raw aggression and wicked harp chops reminiscent of Dr Feelgood. It’s easy to get harp-drunk with this song. The liquidity and ebb and flow of the harp licks is infectious. But there’s much more to fall in love with here.

For instance, half way through the whole song deconstructs giving the vocals some space to show some subtlety prior to the band coming back with a crashing return to blues/rock excellence as the lead guitar soars upward and delivers a searingly hot solo. It’s easy to imagine from the delivery of this track how good Bad Day Blues Band are live. There’s no doubt that when they climb on to the stage at IOW this year, they’re gonna own it.

With so much material in the can, we can expect great things from these boys. Let’s hope the Hurricane turns into a finger of God tornado and spits out an LP.

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Bad Day Blues Band

The Bad Day Blues Band press release – Hurricane

The UK’s hottest new rock n roll band are taking the world by storm!

Receiving Radio airplay throughout 2018 and 2019 on BBC Radio 2, BBC Bluenotes, A-Radio Rock (Brazil) and many others international radio stations. Featuring a unique mix of classic blues harp, entwined bass and lead vocals, dirty guitar and driving rhythm, BDBB are hailed by the critics as one of the must see musical acts of modern times.

The Bad Day Blues Band have played on such prestigious stages as; The Isle of Wight Festival, Sony Hall (NYC), Black Deer Festival, The 100 Club, PennFest, The Robin Theatre, The Hard Rock Café and many, many more.

They have supported many award winning artists such as; The Killers, The Manic Street Preachers, The Kaiser Chiefs, Delbert McClinton and many, many more. The Abbey Road Session received critical acclaim upon its release in 2018. BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Lancashire and Blues and Roots Radio playing several tracks and Highly recommending to the UK.

The record reached number 4 in the UK itunes charts. The group’s other hits include; Late Night Sister (UK itunes chart number 1) and Hoochie Coochie Man (UK Blues chart number 1) all released on Authentic Soul Records.

Bad Day Blues Band are proud to work in partnership with several internationally renowned musical companies; Orange, Warwick, Ernie Ball, Seydel, Blackstar, Crom bass, Gamma bass, Wild custom guitars and Laney amplification.

Featured interviews in many international magazines such as; Bassplayer Magazine, Blues in Britain, Blues Matters, Bass Guitar Magazine and many more. Bad Day Blues Band will be releasing new music throughout 2019 and playing live on some of the world’s coolest stages. They are available for live bookings and media enquires on:

Karen Dalton – fragile, mysterious, tragic and ultimately beautiful

We hope you enjoyed listening to the two Karen Dalton tracks in today’s show. Hopefully you will want to know more about this wonderful singer and songwriter in her own right. Here are a couple of links to explore. The first is a fascinating documentary about Karen’s life and work, with surprising information about her own song compositions. Secondly, fantastic footage of the legendary Peter Walker playing her 1920s Gibson Dreadnought guitar that she bought off of him and ultimately sold it back to him for the same amount she paid for it.

Shout out to Norman Walsh Footwear

Thanks to these guys for sending us both over a pair of sneakers for studio use only! I believe they are the UK’s only athletic footwear manufacturer left. Their designs and colourways are legendary and each upper is lovingly hand stitched in their UK-based factory. You can’t beat British hand-made goods and these are top of the tree. The shoes are effortlessly cool and allow you to break the mould and move away from sheepish fashion trends. You know? Be a leader not a follower…

Go check out the website and pick up on the action.

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