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Batzorig Vaanchig and Latvian bagpipers, hang on, it’s fantastic

Carly Strauss artist los angeles USA

Batzorig Vaanchig throat sings his way into the show with Latvian bagpipers. Interested? We thought you would be! Spike from The Bearded Pig Forge recommended this one and what an excellent and rewarding listen it is. Mongolian throat singing with Latvian bagpipes. As Tobin says, please don’t hit the off-switch, this is good. Real good.

The Lovemongers give us an epic cover of a Led Zeppelin classic. In stark contrast to Batzorig Vaanchig, it is no less vocally splendid. Obviously it’s completely different and more recognisable, but a fantastic vocal celebration nonetheless. As ever we’ve got New Music and much more besides. Secondly, Richard introduces us to his virtual friend and artist extraordinaire Carly Strauss. It’s a full show so let’s dive straight in.

  1. Where They Do Not Know My Name Bad Livers
  2. Swimming Pools Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down
  3. Hunnu Guren Batzorig Vaanchig & AULI
  4. You Decided Mia Berg
  5. Battle of Evermore The Lovemongers
  6. He Don’t Love Me Winona Oak
  7. Shot at a Bird, Hit Me a Stump Bad Livers

Batzorig Vaanchig and AULI hook up

Despite starring on the soundtrack to Netflix’s landmark series Marco Polo, Batzorig Vaanchig also found time to collaborate with AULI. AULI are the Latvian bagpipe and drum outfit featured on Hunnu Guren. AULI had undertaken research into ancient singing techniques and this brought Batzorig Vaanchig firmly onto their radar. Just two members of AULI travelled to Mongolia in 2018 to meet Batzorig. They recorded three songs featuring Batzorig Vaanchig on the stringed instrument Morin Khuur whilst they were there. The tracks were further adjusted to suit the sound of the bagpipes and AULI further worked upon this on their return to Latvia. In March 2018 the whole band traveled to Mongolia to record the video for Hunnu Guren. The destination was the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

Meet Carly Strauss

We’ve all done it. We’ve followed back an account on Facebook or Instagram and after time that follow back proves to be a very interesting ride indeed. Well Richard’s new virtual friend is Carly Strauss, amazing artist, teacher, apparel designer and consistent Instagrammer. Add her cameo appearance on Savannah Pope’s excellent Rock ‘n’ Roll No More music video and her educational merits and you’ve got a gorgeous human being on your hands.

Carly’s artwork is really a firm favourite here at Record Box HQ. Carly’s artwork is also for sale – check it out here. We’re still deciding here which to go for. It’s one of Carly’s pieces that is the featured image for this post. However, not all her work is of the same vein. In fact, her work is incredibly diverse. Shame she’s not a musician. Well she’s not admitted to being one anyhow. Carly very generously offered us an invite to her recent exhibition in Los Angeles but being UK based we couldn’t make it unfortunately. More’s the pity, we are massive fans of her work and relished the opportunity, however difficult it was. Thanks Carly.

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