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Bayboards smash out a new single and catch up with our Jamie

Bayboards are our focus this week and our Jamie gets to chat to the up and coming Manchester home grown talent on today’s show. Firstly, Bayboards give us two excellent tracks and a chat. Secondly, Richard is off the foreign shores with his first track of the show from Dr Jazz Dixieland Band. You can find out more about this fully acoustic jazz set up on the show and in the accompanying show notes below. It is a fascinating story. Furthermore, Tobin is off to Somalia for an 80’s dance floor shredder of epic proportions.

Coming up later in the show we’ve also got Double Trouble with Romero followed by Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks. Richard is clearly indulging his love of the Memphis music scene again and he shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve heard rumour there is more from Memphis coming up in Season III. As a result of Richard’s love of the avant grade he’ll also be introducing us to Volleyball, a new psychedelic collective born out of Pandemic Britain.


Volleyball was launched in October 2020 after writing a raft of songs in a hut deep in a forest. Already sounds exciting right? The songs were then finished remotely due to lockdown restrictions. All the creative production for the project has been kept in house. This has helped to progress the sound, design, video and dream psych credentials. Riding on the back of that comes plenty of isolation live videos and an online game.

Moving forward, Volleyball have some gigs planned in London. However, Volleyball are intending to spend the summer tracking songs for their upcoming, hotly anticipated EP due later in the year. Plenty of ambitious plans are afoot to help grow the psych scene in the UK. This includes looking at alternative funding routes and forging a new path in the music industry as a whole.

This week’s tracklist

  1. Father Bayboards
  2. Joe Avery’s Piece Dr. Jazz
  3. Dooyo Dur-Dur Band
  4. Nosediiv Volleyball
  5. Troublemaker Romero
  6. Runnin’ With The Law Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks
  7. Caught In Doors The Golden Age of TV
  8. Queen Bayboards

Father – the single

Taken from their upcoming three-track EP Where is the Power?, Bayboards released their debut single Father on Friday 5th March 2021. Renowned for playing without a bassist, the Stockport trio have already made waves on the Manchester live scene. They sold out the 300-capacity Bread Shed, with a hotly anticipated headline at the iconic Deaf Institute coming in September. This EP is the trio’s first fully studio recorded, mixed and mastered record.

Singer Ben Coley says… “Father is me retaliating to toxic masculinity. Phrases such as ‘grow some balls’, ‘man up’, ‘boys don’t cry’ and the like that are constantly thrown at young men. The song emphasises the harmful effects of conformity to the certain traditional masculine ideal in western culture”.

With warm but punchy acoustic guitar tones, tight energetic drums and driving electric guitar, Father is the product of the band’s mastery of live performance. The pounding rhythm that opens the track is an invitation for audience participation. Furthermore, the powerful chorus is made for a festival crowd. The track strikes a decisive balance between melody. Delivered by Coley’s intimate vocal style and Will Patterson’s intricate guitar lines, and power. Add to this Coley’s authoritative acoustic guitar and the definitive oomph of Javan Carrington’s drumming.

Want to know more about Bayboards?

Fresh on the Manchester scene, teenage trio Bayboards have already built a solid live reputation. Also, a headline show at the infamous Deaf Institute has been put on hold. They also have scheduled festival appearances at Y Not, Dot to Dot and Tramlines. The unique youngsters are renowned for playing without a bassist, while the use of an acoustic guitar only adds to their dynamic. A quasi indie pop rock band reminiscent of the very best elements of old Shoe Gaze. Bayboards are bound to make their mark on the United Kingdom’s alternative music scene.

What’s next for Bayboards?

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the future has never looked so bright for this up-and-coming band. Bayboards are currently awaiting a momentous headline show at the Deaf Institute. Plus they are intending to ride the wave of summer festivals after numerous plans were put on hold. This, their first studio recording, signals a fresh beginning for a band still in its infancy, with exciting times ahead.

The story of Dr Jazz Dixieland Band

Dr Jazz started In 2000 with American Ex-Military Helicopter pilot Elazar (Larry) Brandt and Shimi (Panza) Gilad, a young israely student. They started playing New Orleans traditional jazz On the streets of Jerusalem. Soon the band had more players and now they are a full 7-piece Dixieland Band. Playing only traditional acoustic instruments such as brass instruments, banjo and washboard.     

Larry’s moto has always been: We make everybody happy with our music – most of the people are happy when we play and the rest are happy when we’re done playing. We embrace that motto when we go out there busking and street performing. Sometimes, we bring jazz to people who had never heard it and even of it… Dr Jazz sees the basic, old-time, traditional jazz as a genre that can be enjoyed by all and so far it’s working. The band considers itself the friendliest jazz band in Israel and that means we love our audience. We love to get to know everybody and have people sit in and play with us. 

We make everybody happy with our music – most of the people are happy when we play and the rest are happy when we’re done playing.

Elazar Brandt

What’s next for Dr Jazz?

Much has happened to the jazz scene in Israel since we started. It’s taken time to get to where we are well recognised and invited to perform in local festivals and events. We’ve released two albums, Bourbon St. Parade and Live at Meshorer’s and are now working on some original tunes. Hope to see you follow us digitally and maybe when times are getting back to “normal” – maybe visit and say hello…

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