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Here is the best of 2019


The best of 2019 round up is finally here! We here at From the Bottom of the Record Box have brought together some of our favourites from the show over the last 12 months. It is nearly an impossible task and there are many tunes that could have easily made the list but for the constraints of time.

We have tried to pick the very best of 2019 and present them to you in a complimentary way. We also announce Listener Recommendation of the Year 2019! So dear listener, get ready for some excellent music as we reveal some amazing tunes in our Best of 2019 playlist.

  1. Cardboard Man The Cool Greenhouse
  2. Laundry Room The Avett Brothers
  3. Major League Chemicals Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  4. Summer Sickness Shards
  5. I’m Tired of your Repeating Story Otoboke Beaver
  6. Hey Beau Dillon
  7. Simpatico People W.H. Lung
  8. I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) Laura Jean Anderson
  9. Hunnu Guren Batzorig Vaanchig & AULI
  10. Got So Long Andi Hanley
  11. Every Loving Herd Does As It Should Mike Pope
  12. Good Kisser Lake Street Dive
  13. Roll The Bones Shakey Graves
  14. Velvet Underground Jonathan Richman
  15. Around and Down Cool Sounds
  16. Window Shook Twins
  17. Captain Remo The Toy Trucks
  18. Purple Hat Sofi Tukker
  19. Hollow Spheres Talkboy

OK so that’s it for the best of 2019 as presented by From the Bottom of the Record Box. It has been a year of excellent musical discoveries, plus we made tons of new friends along the way. Thanks for all the Listener Recommendations you’ve all sent in and here’s to another year of growth and expansion. Of course, it goes without saying that we are looking forward to another year of sharing music with the world. Happy New Year everyone.

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