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Biosynth – French synth music that causes near war in the studio

Biosynth, self-described French synth geek, beings us closer to France with a poetic look at the city and people of Nantes. Originally scheduled to open the show, the track Nantes immediately came under fire. Tobin thought it too much for our listeners as an opener. Of course Richard disagrees and it leaves the team on the edge of war. What we do now know , however, is that this track is an official FTBOTRB banger. You can find out a little more about Biosynth later in the show notes. Secondly, Ben from Wolf City and friend of the show tries to unlock the secret of Nantes below.

Tobin is far more dependable this week and choses to stay firmly on tried and tested ground. His love affair for Harmony Byrne continues as he spins her latest track. He drops in Yves Jarvis‘ new LP too and urges us to delve deeper. Oh, and Jamie brings us something awful from London. Alas, if you’ve ever visited London you’ll easily understand why this song is so awful.

This week’s tracklist

  1. Burn out (feat. Hosanna) Biosynth
  2. Daisy Chains Harmony Byrne
  3. London I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down Malady
  4. Jeane, If You’re Ever In Portland San Salida
  5. Bränna Broarna Höstorkestern
  6. For Props Yves Jarvis
  7. Lomita Dig Nitty
  8. Nantes Biosynth

Biosynth – in his own words…

Biosynth is the musical project of Philippe Plaideux, sound engineer and synthesizer geek, with krautrock, triphop and experimental music orientations. The track Nantes is a collaboration with Gilles Durand, poet and artist. It talks about his depressing vision of this city, putting in question Nantes policy choices and general ambiance. 

Philippe is open to working collaborations. Get in touch with us here and we’ll hook you up.

Nantes by Biosynth – a synopsis by Ben from Wolf City

The song Nantes is a vitriolic portrait of the city of the same name. It’s a patchwork of ideas spoken in a jerky flow. The singer/poet declaims a series of clichés about its tourist attractions and what makes the identity of the capital of the Pays de la Loire. He destroys the official culture of the city. The rock bands you can find in the bars, the benevolent rap bands that make mainstream music. They all carry a polished image of Nantes, an acceptable vision of it. He mocks all that makes Nantes attractive to the rest of the country, what makes it a touristic destination. Gastronomy, architecture, football and the cultural politics promoted by the town hall.

The violence of his words are jubilant.

Ben, Wolf City

He also points to some specific problems of the city. The police charge that caused the death of Steve Maia Caniço, a partygoer during the Fête de la Musique in 2019. The concealment of the colonial past and prostitution through the exploitation of African women. Finally, he cites the corruption that plagues the cultural subsidy system. This song is a revolting pamphlet that castigates all the official institutions of the city. And those words that are repeated like a mantra “Tout dort, tout mort” which means “everything sleeps; everything’s dead”. For Biosynth the only salvation is in the underground and in the departure. 

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