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Burt Reynolds – Honey Hush! Remembering The Bandit

We remember The Bandit, the silver screen legend, with a couple of songs featured in the movies of Burt Reynolds and we have the brilliant Black Honey bookending the show for us. If you’d like to suggest a track for us to play on the show, or you are an aspiring musician who’d like us to showcase your work then get in touch.

Track Listing

  1. Spinning Wheel Black Honey
  2. Duelling Banjos Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell
  3. At Seventeen Janis Ian
  4. When I Get Home Bernard Butler
  5. Hotel Delmano MUNYA
  6. The Bandit Jerry Reed
  7. Corrinne Black Honey

Debut album now released

Black Honey was born in 2014 in Brighton. Izzy B. Phillips, lead singer and guitarist fronts the band, whose fashion taste is other wordly. She recently attended London Fashion Week in a McDonalds inspired outfit and in our eyes looked fantastic, her outfit practically sneering at the global fashion houses. She is joined by the equally well turned out guitarist Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor, and drummer Tom Dewhurst, all of whom hold down day jobs as the band is still technically unsigned – everything they have put out is under their own label, FoxFive. The band have been creating a buzz ever since 2015 and are very generous – you can listen to (and download) a bonus track below, courtesy of the band.

Their upcoming debut album is scheduled to be released on 21 September 2018.

What did we learn this week?

  • Black Honey has released their long-awaited debut LP
  • Chas Hodges passed away this week
  • Bernard Butler is indeed a whizz on acoustic guitar
  • The Beatles’ White album is being re-released this November to mark its 50th anniversary
  • Janis Ian is a staunch critic of the RIAA

An interesting character – Janis Ian

In the track At Seventeen, Janis Ian provided a look back at her school days. This single (taken from the 1975 album Between the Lines) reached number 1 on the Billboard chart. Three years later, Ian went on to marry Portuguese film director Tino Sargo in 1978. The marriage lasted only 5 years. Later she would write of the physical and emotional abuse she suffered in her 2008 book Society’s Child: My Autobiography.

Ian is also a science fiction author (still occasionally attending science fiction conventions). She is a regular columnist for the LGBT news Magazine The Advocate. As a result of the break up of her marriage to Sargo she moved to Nashville where she met Patricia Snyder in 1989. She then came out as a lesbian in 1993 with the worldwide release of her album Breaking Silence. Ian is also an outspoken critic of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) which she sees as acting against the interests of musicians and consumers. In that regard, she offers FREE downloads of her material on her website and believes that in doing so she actually enjoys higher sales of hard copies which is in complete opposition of the RIAA‘s stance on the subject.

Janis Ian – Later career

In 2011 she appeared on the BBC Four series Songwriters’ Circle (Series 2 Episode 4). Also appearing was tough kiwi Neil Finn and alt-country poster boy Ryan Adams. The night resulted in controversy, ending with an awkward exchange between the performers. There was seemingly confusion between the songwriters about who was to perform and join in on each other’s songs.

No one was happy at that moment. There wasn’t much else to do but go on with the show, so Neil sang his song again, I did my harmony, and Ryan packed up. When it was time to take bows, Ryan already had the guitar case on his back and was headed offstage. Janis Ian (her own fan forum – thread now removed)

Watch this classic performance from the Burt Reynolds classic Deliverance

Burt Reynolds Dan August

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