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Cat Power brings her sombre excellence to the show

Welcome to the magic. Experience the masterful songwriting and musical genius that is Cat Power (Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall). With 10 studio albums to her name, she’s a musical force to be reckoned with. As a result of Karl Lagerfeld seeing her smoking a cigarette outside the Mercer Hotel in New York she became the spokesperson for a line of Chanel jewellery. In addition, Cat Power has been featured in commercials for Cingular and De Beers. Her version of Space Oddity by David Bowie was used in a commercial for a Lincoln car and she was involved in advertising for GAP. Apple used her version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas in their 2013 Christmas commercial campaign. Furthermore, she has had numerous film roles. Chan also narrated the film Janis: Little Girl Blue which premiered at the 2015 Venice Film Festival.

Track Listing

  1. Stay Cat Power
  2. The Jump Pimps of Joytime
  3. Outlaws Joe Purdy
  4. Swings and Waterslides Viola Beach
  5. Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog
  6. Murakami MADE IN HEIGHTS
  7. Good Woman Cat Power

The ex-love of my life – Cat Power

Marshall has also had tragedy galore in her life. Before coming to prominence whilst working as a waitress in Atlanta her boyfriend died. Also at the time her best friend died of AIDS. This coupled with the abject use of heroin amongst her social circle led her to move to New York. She soon found a new boyfriend whom helped her to get a job as a waitress. Subsequently she discovered he was having an affair with the owner of the diner.

A short relationship with model Daniel Currie ended in 2003 at a time when she was drinking heavily and abusing other substances. Three years later she started a relationship with actor Giovanni Ribisi. Consequently, she lived with him and his daughter in Los Angeles. They broke up in 2012. This break up coincided with the release of her ninth studio album Sun. In 2015 Cat Power gave birth to her first child but did not reveal the identity of the father.

I cut my hair off three days [after the breakup], got on a plane to France, and finished the shit.

Cat Power Freeress 2013

Listener Suggestion of the Year – 2018

Loads of Listener Recommendations have come in throughout 2018 but one track stood out in particular. We wanted to recognise this and so have declared it our Listener Suggestion of the Year. Our New Year Special playlist contains our official Listener Suggestion of 2018Vagabond by Caamp – suggested by listener and man of significant musical taste, Duncan. Thanks for this wonderful suggestion Duncan, enjoy the distinguished award of being our Listener Suggestion of the Year! The playlist is broadcasting on 31/12/2018 at 09:00GMT. Keep ’em coming listeners!

Listener Suggestions…

We brought two incredible listener suggestions to you today. Jamie recommended Joe Purdy – Outlaws and Maddie came in with Viola Beach – Swings and Waterslides. Many thanks to those two for reaching out to us, we thrive on listener interaction. If you think you’ve got a track that would light up the show then please do get in touch.

Joe Purdy – Kristine

Joe Purdy is an American singer/songwriter who has recorded and released 14 albums over the last 15 years. Thanks to Jamie for recommending the track Outlaws. Record Box HQ has been exploring further songs of Joe Purdy’s and has discovered this nugget – Kristine. In difference to Outlaws where Joe play the piano, this features him playing guitar. Joe plays both piano and guitar, along with harmonica, mandolin and banjo. If you too find Joe’s subtle melodies and Americana themes alluring then you can find out much more about the man here. We are certainly looking forward to Joe touring the UK, although in all honesty we don’t think he has any plans to do so.

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