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Acoustic music Bookended shows FTBOTRB Recommendation World music

Surfer Gorilla – a tune dripping in sunshine and political commentary

Surfer Gorilla – music from the heart focussing on performance and culture Surfer Gorilla, hailing from Colombia, are brought to the show this…

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Look Mum No Computer blows us away with homemade synths

Look Mum No Computer completely rewrites the analogue modular synth rulebook with homemade modules and music, so bloody British. Making a big noise…

Acoustic music Bookended shows Jazz New Music Selection World music

Senyawa break up the studio with a look deep into hell

Senyawa serve up a vision of hell today in a track so divisive Tobin actually leaves the studio, declaring “The End” of the…

Acoustic music Aspiring artists Bookended shows FTBOTRB Recommendation Music video New Music Selection

Biosynth – French synth music that causes near war in the studio

Biosynth, self-described French synth geek, beings us closer to France with a poetic look at the city and people of Nantes. Originally scheduled…

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Bayboards smash out a new single and catch up with our Jamie

Bayboards are our focus this week and our Jamie gets to chat to the up and coming Manchester home grown talent on today’s…

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Noah C Lekas finally puts Saturday Night Sage to wax

Noah C Lekas steamrolls the sky this week as we spin his latest vinyl release live in the studio. It’s another cracker from…