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The Last Waltz – Mrs Henry recreate this monumental live event

The Last Waltz, arguably the most iconic performance in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll, recreated in all its glory by Mrs Henry.…

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Jack Hubbell of Telyscopes joins us on the show

Jack Hubbell joins us today all the way from Philadelphia USA as we learn about Telyscopes’ new 5 track EP. Pander is due…

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Mammoth Penguins – the band not the chocolate biscuit

Mammoth Penguins spark a debate of prehistoric proportions this week between Richard and Tobin. They both agree that this is a killer track,…

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Taken by Canadians – a close encounter of the third kind

Taken by Canadians spins in the studio today from off of the vinyl. Their eloquent track Magdalene is the first of two tracks…

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Tinariwen take us deep into the desert night

Tinariwen are today’s Triple Bookend! Tuareg musicians par…

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Batzorig Vaanchig and Latvian bagpipers, hang on, it’s fantastic

Batzorig Vaanchig throat sings his way into the…