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Christmas Special 2019 with your hosts Tobin & Richard

Christmas Special 2019

Welcome one and all and Merry Christmas, it’s our Christmas Special 2019. Tobin & Richard relax in the studio and play some alternative Christmas gems. As part of putting together this Christmas Special 2019 we have chosen to eschew the usual banal Christmas offerings. Richard and Tobin have gunned down some tunes that will not necessarily feature anywhere else this Christmas.

Check out that turkey dinner playlist! There’s the usual family disparity and abject dislike from The Therapy Sisters. Tobin once again proclaims that Christmas isn’t Christmas without bluegrass with The Clarke Family and he finishes the Christmas Special 2019 with a more traditional feel. In between you’ll meet the unlikely bedfellows of William Shatner and Iggy Pop, with some useful insight from a listener. Song introduction maestro Red Simpson is Truckin’ Trees for Christmas and dressing up his truck. Yeah, right.

There’s much festive music to go at in our Christmas Special 2019

Louis Armstrong offers some traditional vibes and The Waitress along with Devo give us a little alternative Christmas edge. However, without doubt, the stand out track is from Sufjan Stevens this year. So, chuck another log on the fire, wrap up in your scarf and hideous skin tight Christmas jumper and pour yourself something that you’d turn your nose up at any other time of year.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without bluegrass

Tobin – From the Bottom of the Record Box

Or, if you’re lucky enough to be a listener in more tropical climes, please laugh at us here in the UK who are currently suffering grey skies and wet days, a reality far from the picture postcard utopia. Nevertheless, this is our show and we’re determined to enjoy it! Please join us.

  1. Codependent Christmas The Therapy Sisters
  2. Deck The Halls/We Wish You A Merry Christmas Christmas Treasures Series & The Clarke Family
  3. Zat You Santa Claus Louis Armstrong
  4. Silent Night William Shatner (Feat. Iggy Pop)
  5. Truckin’ Trees For Christmas Red Simpson
  6. Christmas Wrapping The Waitresses
  7. Lonely Man of Winter Sufjan Stevens
  8. Merry Something To You Devo
  9. In Dulce Jublio Choir of Kings College, Cambridge

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