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Dude Cervantes – It Ain’t The Destination It’s The Ride

Dude Cervantes is spinning direct from the as yet unreleased vinyl in the studio today. It’s a cover of a classic and not to be missed. The cover artwork is excellent and FTBOTRB deems this an essential record to your collection. In fact, you can watch and listen to Dude Cervantes‘ latest release in the video that accompanies these show notes. Excellent news all round. However, that’s not the only Cover Shot on today’s show. Tobin brings us Saint Mesa and a cover of a now modern classic from a now legendary band. It Smells Like Teen Spirit in the studio.

Tobin also brings us the bookend artiste this week which is The Cave Singers and two brilliant tracks is what we have from them. Opening the show is Swim Club and closing the show for us is Beach House. Firm favourites here at Record Box HQ already. Big Fox are also a feature of Tobin’s musical snouting this week with their luminary track All I’m Trying – listen on to find out more about this exciting band.

Calling all pedants…

Firstly, Bearded magazine said of Red River Dialect “a band that can actually play” and their track Piano is no exception. As a result this track promotes something of a discussion about the classification of the piano – Richard stating it is in fact a percussion instrument thus opening the floodgates of pedantry. Please email us with your pedantic summation of this. Secondly, the man who uses samples of only records that he has bought for a dollar, it’s Tim Fite. This track has certainly won over Tobin and he even states that he is Tim Fite’s newest and possibly biggest fan. We have the usual music commentary and nonsensical musings to accompany the music that has caught our attention this week. Oh, and did we mention Dude Cervantes is playing on the show?

  1. Swim Club The Cave Singers
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit Saint Mesa
  3. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue Dude Cervantes
  4. All I’m Trying Big Fox
  5. Piano Red River Dialect
  6. I Hope Yer There Tim Fite
  7. Beach House The Cave Singers

Dude Cervantes – it’s only Dan!

Friend of the show Dude Cervantes (the vehicle Dan Cervantes uses for his solo work) is spinning in the studio this week. Dan has a new record out too – you can check it out here. As regular listeners will know, Dude Cervantes is also the founder of Blind Owl Records in San Diego. He has certainly had more than his fair share of airplay here at Record Box HQ. Championing local musicians such as Mike Pope, Zooluxx, Mrs. Henry, Creature and the Woods, Drug Hunt and Taken by Canadians amongst others, Blind Owl Records is a community based label and publisher. We are big fans of the label here and are eagerly awaiting this year’s releases. Swing by their website to find out more.

Blind Owl founder and Rock & Roll nice guy, Dan Cervantes is best known for his work with seminal California psych bands like Howlin’ Rain and Mrs. Henry. He is a prolific guitarist, songwriter and producer. When Dan isn’t busy with one of his many projects, he performs under the moniker, Dude Cervantes.

Dude Cervantes is a testament to folk-driven Rock & Roll. Combining the Americana roots of groups like The Band with the great American songbook, Tin Pan Alley, the 1960’s Folk scare. Dude rolls it all up with balladeers like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and Country Joe McDonald. His music is desert rat soul, hot and dusty San Diego folk and Chula Vista country. It’s croonin’ and swoonin’ and singin’ it like ya see it. It’s Dude Cervantes and he’s got that Otay Mesa kind of blues.

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