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Dullards – Power Pop Glam with 60’s and 70’s sensibilities

Dullards bring a healthy amount of self-written, self-produced glam power pop to Richard’s final solo bookend of Season I. George and Roger deliver funny, toe-tapping vibes with their insightful and inspiring Dullards. We play the double A-side single today and discuss the wider merits of this fantastic musical collaboration. What a way to kick off the show as we rapidly approach the end of Season I of From the Bottom of the Record Box. And Dullards are a perfect example of why we champion here at Record Box HQ as we help spread the word to the world.

…ready to unleash their musical load upon the general public.

George Pilgrem – Dullards

And talking of aspiring artists, we welcome Wesley Bennett to the show as we play a track off of his new 4-track EP – Middle Man. Wesley was kind enough to tell us a few words about himself so read on to find out a little more about this talent young man. Alternatively, you can find him here where you can purchase this essential new EP.

Tobin vies for popularity with his overly complicated feature

Tobin brings back W.H. Lung and their latest single release. Does it show as much promise as their debut LP Incidental Music did last year? The lads certainly think so. And Caamp are back and Björk is back, proving that Tobin has indeed practically run out of steam. Does he listen to anyone else these days? Well, yes, he does, because he’s also playing Water Liars in today’s show. They prove to be a big hit with Richard. Join us next week as “That Jamie” returns for a 2 show run as we head rapidly toward the close of Season I – great listens coming very soon indeed.

  1. Unlucky 4 U Dullards
  2. Symmetry W.H. Lung
  3. Let It Breathe Water Liars
  4. Penny Heads Up (Live) CAAMP
  5. Change Will Come Wesley Bennett
  6. Venus As A Boy Björk
  7. Grand Pier Dullards

Dullards – In their own words

Dear friends, the time has come to buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Dullards are here to delight your tender ear holes with exquisite music of the highest calibre. Are you bored of the mundane? Do you seek more from life? Feeling blue? Well we have the perfect remedy for you. The cure is, of course, Dullards

Roger Heathers and George Pilgrem Sings the Hits heard the cries of anguished youth from across the globe which lead to the question “what happened to all the experimental melodic glam rock power pop bands?” There was clearly a gap in the market and in this capitalist society they jumped at the chance to fill the void and fulfil their destiny. Dullards was born. 

So, there we have it. Two young, beautiful, talented rock Gods at the top of their game, now ready to unleash their musical load upon the general public. So please sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Hang out socially with Dullards

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Wesley Bennett – Middle Man EP

Wesley Bennett is a British songwriter. Influenced by the likes of John Martyn, Nick Drake and Justin Vernon. With inspirational roots of classic Jazz and folk handed down from his parents. His music hails from cosmic places and cuts deep with the softest knife. His soothing vocals accompany gentle rhythmic guitar with nostalgic melodies. 

The Middle Man EP is available on Spotify and Bandcamp and soon on Soundcloud too. Search Wesley Bennett Music I am already writing for the next project which I hope to release sometime next year if not before. I have a band which can be found on all platforms except Spotify under Wesley Bennett Band.

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