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Ween dealer Richard ain’t left waitin’ for the man…

Gene Ween (Gener)
Gene Ween - see foot of article for photo credit

Ween plays Buckingham Green in episode 4 of From the Bottom of the Record Box plays The Moody Blues as recommended by Dennis from Bolton and relives a 40-year-old classic cover song from Talking Heads. Do as Dennis has done and suggest your favourite forgotten song here.

Track Listing

  1. In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company The Dead South
  2. Gorecki Lamb
  3. Buckingham Green Ween
  4. Take Me to the River Talking Heads
  5. Lovely To See You The Moody Blues
  6. God Knows Night Flight
  7. The Recap The Dead South

Becoming an out of control drug addict and alcoholic is my own fault and I take responsibility for it. I HAD to leave the Ween organization to stay sober. – Gene Ween


Meeting for the first time in 1984, Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo later became Gene & Dean Ween (a portmanteau word bringing together wuss and penis) and produced a plethora of “obnoxious” music with a far-reaching musical approach covering almost every conceivable genre of music with often comical lyrics and in-jokes. Ween claims to be “sprouted from the demon-god Boognish“. In other words the nightmarish image that has become something of a logo for the band. In conclusion, Ween has released 9 studio albums over a 17 year period and continue to tour to the present day.

Thanks to Dennis in Bolton

Our listener selection for this week came from Dennis way up North in Bolton, thanks for connecting with us Dennis. You too can do the same by reaching out at with your suggestion for the show. This track has its roots firmly in the psychedelic movement of 1969. In addition, Lovely to See You was also the first song to be played at the launch of the Bournemouth radio station 2CR. After that, it has also become a staple of the Moody Blues‘ live sets, often opening with this track even to this day.

Mumford & Sons‘ Evil Twin

Ha! The Dead South bookended the show for us today with 2 choices from their second studio album (2014) Good Company. Often likened to Mumford & Sons, they have taken the bluegrass genre and firmly brought it into the here and now. However,‘s reviewer James Cooke arguing that the traditional definition of the genre has become blurred.

gritty vocals, aggressive guitar strumming, mandolin chops, banjo licks and a steady kick drum to fuse it all together – James Cooke

Similarly, we have some interesting Mumford & Sons tracks coming up in future shows. We have a sublime bookend from the boys. In addition, we also have some music coming up from the band that inspired The Dead South, so subscribe to the feed to get every episode delivered straight to your inbox.

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