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Ethereal, Tyler Cressman & Magon all cause a stir on the show

Ethereal, Swedish-born multi instrumentalist joins us this week with her hauntingly beautiful ballad Black Mist. Ethereal has since formed an alliance and now records and gigs under the name Ethereal & The Elevated. During the UK’s second lockdown Ethereal continued mainly as a solo project again although decided to keep the name & The Elevated as well for guest appearances and collaborations.

Then in April 2021 a Mancunian gentleman by the name of Ant O’Donnell was seeking a female vocalist for the song that would later become Mesmerize me and the rest is history. Ethereal is very proud to share the work that they have done together with absolutely no funding and only their own experience and knowledge in music production and their mutual love for trip hop.

This week’s playlist

  1. Darling The Bins feat. Doe Eye
  2. Fire Down Below Storm Weather Shanty Choir
  3. Imagined Reality Tyler Cressman feat. Ciroyelle
  4. Jelly Opiou feat. Texture Like Sun
  5. I Remember Molly Drake
  6. The Willow Magon
  7. Black Mist Ethereal
  8. Hold On The Bins

Who is Ethereal?



extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world “her ethereal beauty”

delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful, beautiful, lovely

It all began in 2011 when Warissara ‘Yui (yoo-e) Karlberg had just started her transition and was using music as a creative outlet mainly for her own self healing. She discovered Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon and began writing songs about mental health issues, being trans, having Asperger’s and love as well as other spiritual songs.

Fast forward to 2016 and she rediscovered herself after experimenting with other musical projects and Ethereal was born. With a beautiful and hauntingly hypnotic debut album available online and as a full-time busker and musical artist, she hopes to reach out and heal others who may think they too have lost themselves … because after all, we should never feel alone.

Tyler Cressman

Tyler Cressman hails from Kutztown, PA and is a versatile artist. His songs range from acoustic singer/songwriter to aggressive prog rock. And just about everything in between. He is a multi-instrumentalist and producer and his songs are characterized by catchy riffs and melodies. His lyrics contain poignant social commentaries through the use of extended metaphor and evocative imagery. Vocally, he is able to sing various styles appropriate to the genre of each song. In short, he hopes his listeners will feel his overt emotion in his instrumentals and memorable lyrics as well. His music has been featured on various FM radio shows, live internet radio, youtube shows, and multiple other mediums. The song you will hear, Imagined Reality, is the title track from a collaborative EP. The song investigates the very nature of life and its interaction and effect upon the reality we all experience.


Ciroyelle is an extremely unique and talented multi-genre vocalist, lyricist, digital artist, and producer. She was born and raised near Frankfurt, Germany. Her love for music began at a very early age. In the last two years she began writing and producing her own songs. Ciroyelle’s vocal range is as broad as the many genres contained within her works. Her early songs are influenced by trip hop, world music, reggae and more. Recently she has begun working more with blues, psychedelic, folk, and prog rock artists. No matter what kind of sound you prefer, Ciroyelle has probably already done it! A hallmark of all of her tracks, however, are beautifully layered harmonies, illustrating the breadth of her vocal abilities.

Tyler and Ciroyellle first collaborated on a track called Numbers in Color, which bemoans what a terrible year 2020 was. Now a year and a half later, Tyler and Ciroyelle have joined forces in life and in music. They are engaged and have also recently formed the band, The Just Imagines. Their first single, Not a Chance Encounter is a sultry blues number. It was released on all platforms on November 20th, 2021. Itkicks off an album that combines influences from a multitude of musical genres like blues, rock, singer/songwriter, jazz, reggae, soul, funk and classical.

More about Magon

Born in Tel-Aviv, Magon moved to Paris in the late 2000s, where he formed the duo Charlotte & Magon. Fast forward 10 years of concerts and 3 albums later. Magon lauches his solo endeavour with his debut album Out In The Dark, released in 2019

This first album revealed the DNA of the songwriter. It mixes the Pixies, Dylan, Bowie, and the eternal influence of bands who’ve understood everything about cool, the Velvet Underground.

At the beginning of 2021, Magon marked his return with a second album, Hour After Hour. On it he refined his formula of “urban experimental rock”, and showed new facets of his work. With sweet pop ballads written for his girlfriend and sharp tracks whose riffs were decidedly more distorted and buzzing than in the past. Magon evolves at the time into a live band with three other musicians, Ferdinand de Fournoux, Ingrid Samitier and Guillaume Bugnot, who bring their own touch on stage.

And now, Magon’s third record takes the spotlight : In The Blue – a title that announces the mystical journey into the colourful and eclectic universe of this album, illustrated by the artwork of Inuit artist Ningiukulu Teevee – a record that is particularly close to his heart. Composed around the birth of his first child, a little girl by the name of Jackie, this album changes the tone compared to previous ones. The tempo slows down, and pop songs take over. Magonʼs voice affirms itself more boldly, without sacrificing its so characteristic laid-back aura.

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