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Eugene Chadbourne invites us into his world of LSD C&W

Join us this week for a foray into the mind of Eugene Chadbourne and his LSD C&W world. We’ve got two “cuts” from the good Doctor Chad bookending the show. Both tracks play off of the vinyl live in the studio. We’ve also got more vinyl as Richard declares the show a Wax Time Special. Seventh Heaven is born as Richard plays all seven inch wax today. Tobin drops in some vinyl too with a Record Box Classic from Supertramp. Other vinyl includes Mungo Jerry from 1970 (and it’s a scratchy old thing) and Roy C from way back in ’65.

For those living in sunnier climates then dust off your dancing shoes for some samba from Brazil. And last but not least, bubblegum punk pop trio Bee Bee Sea rock us out with Be Bop Palooza. However, it really is Eugene Chadbourne who is the star of the show.

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Track Listing

  1. I Cut The Wrong Man Eugene Chadbourne from the original 1992 vinyl
  2. Be Bop Palooza Bee Bee Sea
  3. Bagaço da Laranja (Live) Zeca Pagodinho & Jovelina Perola Negra
  4. Shotgun Wedding Roy C from the original 1965 vinyl
  5. Dust Pneumonia Blues Mungo Jerry from the original 1970 vinyl
  6. Logical Song Supertramp from the original 1979 vinyl
  7. They Cut Off Mama’s Arm Eugene Chadbournefrom the original 1992 vinyl

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Eugene Chadbourne – highly eclectic and unconventional

Originally beginning to play the guitar at 11 years old as a means to attract girls, Eugene Chadbourne soon learnt he wasn’t the fifth Beatle. Covering songs by Jimi Hendrix and the like he soon found psychedelic rock music too conventional for his tastes. He soon gravitated the avant grade world of jazz performer Anthony Braxton. Indeed it was Braxton who dissuaded Chadbourne from entering into a career in journalism. Secondly, he pushed Eugene Chadbourne into the world of music.

There are no bridges in folk songs because the peasants died building them.

Eugene Chadbourne
two cuts from Eugene Chadbourne DTX007 1992

He played in New York in the 1970’s with John Zorn and other free improvisation legend Henry Kaiser. After this, he formed the band Shockabilly with Mark Kramer and David Licht. He also duetted for many years with Jimmy Carl Black (long time drummer for Frank Zappa). Among other notable partnerships Dr Chad performed with Bob Wiseman on his seminal 1991 recording Presented by Lake Michigan Soda. Eugene’s instrument of choice to accompany Bob’s classical piano was he own invention: the electric rake. Eugene Chadbourne’s crazed imagination spewed forth this creation by attaching a guitar pickup to a garden rake.

He boasts a discography of over 40 LP’s both as a solo artist and working with others. Other notable works include his book Dreamory. Over one thousand pages long the book is a collection of Chadbourne’s diaries from his teen years to his tours. It also contains sections of his dream diaries. Riveting stuff.

What other people say about Mungo Jerry

Thom Yorke


My Grandma bought me Mungo Jerry’s, In The Summertime, and man I still love that song. I saw the video they did and the chops on that guy, wow! It’s a great tune, it really is a great tune. Everything about it is like what the hell were these people on?

Mike Scott

The Waterboys

The first song I ever learned to play, and the first song I ever performed publicly (at a ‘skool’ lunchtime concert in Edinburgh when I was 12 years old) was In The Summertime.

Jerry Floyd

Marquee DJ

OK, if Mungo Jerry must suffer the vagaries of categorisation then I’ll define them – rock, blues, country, jug, jazz. Yeah sure, these are the sounds that colour their music, but it all comes out fresh and original and you must see them to believe it.

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