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Godknows Ronnie Jr brings us a Cape Town cover classic

Godknows Ronnie Jr is our featured artiste this week. Soulful, Rasta vibes from this ultra-talented Zimbabwean now working and living in Cape Town. It’s a cover of a classic track originally recorded by a giant. You’ll get to know a little bit more about this Zimbabwean musician, comic, actor, host and performing artist later on in the show notes. For now, just listen to that voice and marvel.

Bookending the show this week is the mighty Vulfpeck, drawing on such talent as Corey Wong and Blake Mills the band are a monolithic funk force to be reckoned with. They’ve recently successfully ended a crowd funding event with a nearly 4000% success rate. You can join in the fun and order the Live at Madison Square Garden vinyl package here. UK tour kicking off soon too.

Listener Recommendation extraordinaire

We have what is quite simply one of the best Listener Recommendations to date as well on the show. The sublime vocal arresting Fight Like Apes entertain us with a vitriolic tale of a woman scorned. Sadly, Tobin has more than a tale of woe to recount about this excellent band. No longer together for all the wrong reasons, they’re another victim of the music industry and its capitalist snake eating its own tale mentality. Where’s Peter Grant when you need him?

Complementing the already stellar music on today’s show is another cover from Australian surf layabouts Headland. It’s a far departure from the original but no worse for it. Withered Hand executes some sombre acoustic wizard and Tobin introduces us to nocturnal music legend NYX Not. So, let’s tread quietly, lay low and look across the prairie.

  1. Rango II Vulfpeck
  2. Remember Me Godknows Ronnie Jr
  3. I’m Beginning To Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 To Me Fight Like Apes
  4. Deaf Forever Headland
  5. Radio NYX NYX Not
  6. No Cigarettes Withered Hand
  7. Animal Spirits Vulfpeck

Godknows Ronnie Jr

Right ho, Jamie, our Content Lead has been in touch with Cape Town Sound for more information on Godknows Ronnie Jr but maternity leave and the holiday season has scuppered most of it. So, when we receive more information we’ll post it here. In the meantime here’s what Cape Town Sound sent us over with the submission.

“Remember Me” – New-comer GODKNOWS RONNIE Jr. debuts with “REMEMBER ME” – a unique interpretation of Rasta legend LUCKY DUBE‘s mega-smash hit in South Africa. GODKNOWS RONNIE Jr. is from Zimbabwe – now living and working in Cape Town.

Nicole – Cape Town Sound

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