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Good Foxy with the promise of a new LP next month

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Welcome to another ear-bursting show bookended this week by the mighty Good Foxy, a likeable bunch of Northern lads. Their music has notable influences from the almanac of the greats, psychedelia, prog-rock and much more besides. We’ve been recording in Richard’s home studio this week and play Good Foxy direct from the limited edition 1st pressing CD, hand numbered number 035. The CD jacket is signed by the lads of Good Foxy and the whole package is an utter delight. So, we’ve got 2 tracks from Good Foxy this week.

Richard brings us New Music this week as Tobin was out of the UK and needed a replacement. Richard brings us not only New Music but a remix to boot – it’s the Sun Glitters production of Baby by Primitive Heart. Faux vinyl crackles and all. The track is another offering from Brighton-based Shore Dive Records, the label that brought us Superego last week. Also showcasing this week, Super 8 reminds us of the greats of rock and roll over the years name checking some of the greatest. The track Sing Along entices you to do just that. Joni MitchRay Davies and Johnny Lydon.

Instrumental metal is the genre we are still trying to unfathom, God is an Astronaut bring us Loss, the spatial cosmic sounding instrumental anthem. Tobin recently went to a God is an Astronaut gig, so if you like this, head over to our Patreon page for some exclusive video footage. We’ve also got Paralyzed Waltz by Sarah Bethe Nelson breezing into the show and she gives us some gorgeous vibes.

Woodstock take three

Finally, it’s our third instalment of our month-long theme showcasing some of the artists who performed at the now legendary festival. This week it’s Crosby, Stills and Nash’s turn to take to the stage. It’s the quite breathtaking Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. If you’ve never heard this (as per Tobin) then put your feet up and relax. It’s a beautiful tune and delivered expertly by the obviously nervous trio.

Track Listing

  1. Down The Rabbit Hole Good Foxy
  2. Sing Along Super 8
  3. Loss God Is An Astronaut
  4. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills and Nash
  5. Baby Primitive Heart (Sun Glitters Remix)
  6. Paralyzed Waltz Sarah Bethe Nelson
  7. Tastes Like Sugar Good Foxy


Good Foxy – stoner rock with deep rooted blues and rock sensibilities

Trying to pin down Good Foxy’s influences is a challenge. Their music takes inspiration from classic artists such as Cream, The Beatles and The Doors whilst also sounding current alongside artists. Tame Impala, White Denim, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Kurt Vile amongst many others.

Their gigs are no less eclectic, performing small intimate acoustic gigs through to supporting Status Quo in front of a 10,000 strong audience. Diverse festival appearances over the years have included slots at festivals such as; The Great Escape, YNot, Kendal Calling, Beatherder, Truck, Cloudspotting and The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival.

After a successful debut album followed by a clutch of singles and an EP, the band is presently finishing work on their second album. It’s due for a summer release 2019.

Used by permission of Duncan Sykora

Coming up from Good Foxy

We’ve got some excellent news from Good Foxy’s management, there’s a new LP in the wings next month. We’ve secured an ad-hoc interview with the the band and will be getting that on the show shortly. Good Foxy are gigging next weekend at the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival. As soon as that is done we’ll get some words in with the lads.

If there is a better original young band in this country than Good Foxy then I’d like to see em! … and would gladly show my arse in Hyde Park if there was.

Tony Worrall

Woodstock – Crosby, Stills and Nash

Crosby, Still, Nash & Young played both an acoustic set and an electric set at Woodstock in 1969. Neil Young declined the acoustic set only to play on the electric set. This song was performed toward the end of the festival, between 3:00 and 4:00am on Monday August 18th 1969.

Super 8 – spawned a memory of Herbert’s weirdness

Enjoy this video that was mentioned on the show. Sent in by friend of the show Herbert, it’s certainly a unique take on music production.

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