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Harmony Byrne returns in gob-smacking Americana style

Harmony Byrne returns to the show this week and once again leaves us reeling in her wake. This is our third track from this Australian musical behemoth and there is the promise of an album in the wings, with release scheduled for later in the year. Her plaintive vocal delivery on this track is enchanting and harks back to deep alt-country and Americana heritage, quite a feat for a native Aussie. We’re backing Harmony Byrne to be massive news in the very near future, and remember, we did the same with Black Pumas and look at them now!

It’s a Wax Time Special from Richard this week and moving away from tradition he opens and closes the show with two different artistes. Naturally, both are vintage vinyl spins live in the studio from deep in his personal vinyl collection. Secondly, Richard has a Record Box Classic of truly colossal proportions. Again, played off of the vinyl. We’re beginning to wonder if Richard is going to exhaust his vinyl collection. However, we’ve been told it’s forever growing and new additions feature on our Patreon channel, so to get involved head over there and become a patron of the show.

Austria’s greatest songwriting son

Tobin stumbles upon inadvertently spinning a Record Box Classic of his own. Completely unintentionally he quickly realises that anything by Falco qualifies. We discover this tragic magical talent who was taken from us way before his time. Even now Falco remains Austria’s most successful singer of all time. Now there’s a gauntlet to throw down…

Wrapping up today’s proceedings is the Gamble Brothers Band, we play their authentic sounding time travel special Tiki Bar. It proves something of a mistake as it fills Richard’s head with ideas of his attractiveness and prowess. Both ridiculous figments of his lurid imagination. Pity him and his feelings of self importance whilst enjoying an instantly likeable musical romp.

  1. Hey Love King Sun D’Moët
  2. You Don’t Have To Be Lonely The Undercover Dream Lovers
  3. Good Idea Harmony Byrne
  4. Sound and Vision David Bowie
  5. Der Kommissar Falco
  6. Tiki Bar Gamble Brothers Band
  7. If I Ruled The World Kurtis Blow

Harmony Byrne – rich rewards from down under

Singer-songwriter Harmony Byrne carries a soft voice that can both devastate and affirm with ease. Crafting a unique, unexpected blend of styles, her often starkly simple, moving songwriting captures the listener from the first note.

Listen to Harmony Byrne’s new single Good Idea, complete with its delicate vocals and patient, mournful guitar and you might imagine a Texas country queen. In fact, Harmony Byrne hails from Australia. Raised in a Mormon family, the third of seven kids, she was introduced to church music and traditional rock n’ roll at a young age. She discovered a deep innate love for the tunes of yesteryear. After entering the Waldorf School of the Arts in Melbourne she began teaching herself to play guitar and piano. She did this all while patiently developing a unique songwriting voice all her own.

Harmony Byrne promises a new LP, Heavy Doors, in Spring 2020

Harmony Byrne excels within the relatable, turning intimately personal moments into songs that any among us are sure to relate to. Good Idea proves a lovingly crafted, country-tinged folk record, meandering beautifully before arriving at a simple truth.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Harmony Byrne

Byrne’s songwriting and voice inject such meaning in these words that the song seems to speak to the great tragedy of the human condition. Byrne knows that it’s the little things that break our hearts.

This song is not about the joy of living, it’s about the tragedies. About how unkind we are, how lonely we are, how unfair governments are and how fearful we are. It’s about social pressure, depression, addiction and death. Also about the choices we make that can have an indelible impact on ourselves and others. 

Harmony Byrne

Good Idea is the latest single from Harmony Byrne’s upcoming debut LP, Heavy Doors, due to arrive this spring. Already catching notices from the likes of Billboard and The Line of Best Fit, and produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno, the album confidently explores a variety of styles and beloved influences, ranging from the bruised beauty of Jeff Buckley to the riotous stomping of Led Zeppelin. Somehow, Harmony Bryne makes it all mesh together seamlessly, a testament to her passion and love for the music she continues to explore.

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