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Heather Trost proves there is life after A Hawk & A Hacksaw

Heather Trost, with her delightful new album Petrichor, is giving us two brilliant tracks this week as we showcase her talent. Quite coincidentally, it’s a double edged sword victory for Heather Trost. We say that in so much that not only is the music quite sublime, but the artwork is to die for. Join us to explore her past as we explain about how speaking language transfers over to music so readily. Stick around for the closing track from Heather Trost. At nine minutes long and you may well get lost in it.

It’s an all female play from Richard this week as he gets to grip with an up and coming talent from Liverpool. Helen Maw has definitely caught the ear of Richard. An acoustic track from her brilliantly exemplifying her immense talent. And there is money changing hands this week.

Rilo Kiley make a welcome return to the show and in doing so remind us of the great vocal talent that is Jenny Lewis. Which reflects really well with Death Valley Girls who fail to hit the spot with Richard. However, going back to money exchanging hands… Tobin’s Japanese entry in the show proves infuriating enough to induce Richard to part with cash. Superseded by both Tobin’s and Jamie’s quite correct predictions of Richard’s reaction.

Does Jamie drop the ball?

Bomb the Bass? Really? Yes. Is it a lead balloon or a transcendental ascension? You’ll have to listen and of course make your own decision.

  1. I’ll Think Of You Heather Trost
  2. The Universe Death Valley Girls
  3. Frug Rilo Kiley
  4. Your Little Secret Helen Maw
  5. Bug Powder Dust Bomb The Bass
  6. Dressing Up in the blue shirt
  7. Vko9 Heather Trost

Heather TrostPetrichor, the new 2nd (or 3rd) LP

Petrichor is New Mexico-based artist Heather Trost’s second or third solo full-length. Petrichor is fresh, unique, and really fucking good. Sonically, this modern psychedelic pop music is as experimental as it is accessible. Petrichor was recorded between 2018 and 2019 by Heather Trost and her husband Jeremy Barnes at their home studio. The two are community activists, urban gardeners, and full-time musicians.

Trost has an impressive body of work, notably in collaboration with husband Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel) on their own record label Living Music Duplication, and their dazzling and uncategorizable Eastern European folk-influenced band A Hawk And A Hacksaw, where she sings and plays violin, autoharp, keyboards, and other instruments. Within the last two decades, Trost has toured and recorded with dozens of artists. These include Beirut, Josephine Foster, Thor and his Friends, Claire Cronin, and the Swans. Ardent fans of A Hawk And A Hacksaw might be surprised at how different Trost sounds. She describes the difference as working in “two different languages.” Trost explains that “recording music and writing songs reminds me of making a collageor a quilt.”

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