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Honeyblood “put a hex on you”

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Honeyblood feature in this show with their new LP release In Plain Sight on gorgeous opaque drab green vinyl. We were lucky enough to be invited to a live performance by lead singer and songstress Stina Tweedale. Stina played tracks off of the latest release and took a couple of requests too. We managed to get a quick chat with her after the show as well and got our copy of Honeyblood’s latest release signed!

Also in the show Wild Belle are our bookend artist, with some heavy rocksteady vibes. Tobin brings us New Music from Beak> and a disco classic from Chic feat. Nile Rodgers. The whole show is full of coincidences this week, purely by chance. GG Allin gets a cursory mention after a conversation about Honeyblood and Savannah Pope and their collective stage antics. Finally, husband and wife duo Shovels and Rope bring us some much loved Cowboy Music to keep us firmly on the rails. Join your usual hosts and dive straight on in.

Track Listing

  1. Mocking Bird Wild Belle
  2. Glimmer Honeyblood
  3. Life Goes On Beak>
  4. I’ll Be There Chic
  5. The Bear John Mayall
  6. Mexico Shovels and Rope
  7. Rocksteady Wild Belle

Honeyblood excite and thrill with new LP release

In Plain Sight is the latest release from all-girl rockers Honeyblood. It’s a real fresh sounding, confident recording. The presentation is spectacular, with gorgeous cover artwork and stunning green vinyl. A real peculiar shade of green it is too. So, what should you expect from Honeyblood? The LP opens with the driven She’s A Nightmare which has smatterings of pizzicato strings which lighten the whole track actually. It then takes quite a turn in sound, and immediately refreshes your senses with The Third Degree. There’s a definite Phil Spector sound going on here. Having said that, Honeyblood pull it off convincingly enough and for us it’s one of the highlights of the album. Stina Tweedale’s vocal talents are really showcased by this track, soaring wildly over hysterical backing yelps and shouts.

Still listening?

The guitar-driven sound continues throughout the album with the gothic sounding The Tarantella. Although, there are hints of electronica throughout the whole record (You’re A Trick and A Kiss From The Devil) but without threatening to shift this into a different genre. Honeyblood are creating music here that puts them out in front of their peers. Finally, your trip through the angry and often belligerent maelstrom brings us into the light with the wistful musing on loneliness in the ultimate track Harmless. Final thoughts on this LP are that this is something of a journey, it feels slightly anthemic in places and intimate and personal in others whilst subtly spitting venom on its listener. It’s a record that is likely going to put Honeyblood in front of many more sets of ears. It’s a solid piece of work and one you should install in your collection, you wouldn’t regret it.

If you want more from Honeyblood From the Bottom of the Record Box recommends Babes Never Die and Killer Bangs.

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