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Imogen Heap, 2 Classic tracks from deep in the Record Box and more…

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Welcome to the show. In this episode, we have the quite magical Imogen Heap (more on her later), New Music from Loyal Lobos and Sea Girls. In addition, we have James Brown vinyl spinning live on the show and a Pulp classic. The show is bookended by Camera Obscura and The White Stripes give us our Cover Shot.

From the Bottom of the Record Box is a mixed jamboree of musical treats from past and present. Every week we invite you to join us, your hosts, Richard and Tobin for a relaxed listen to what is hopefully something new. Furthermore, we also spin a few Record Box Classics from deep in the vinyl crates. We aim to inspire you to widen your own musical appreciation and knowledge and as a consequence, we widen ours. If you like what you hear then please subscribe, or recommend a track for us to listen to on the show.

Track Listing

  1. Do It Again Camera Obscura
  2. Jolene The White Stripes
  3. Swim Loyal Lobos
  4. All I Want to Hear You Say Sea Girls
  5. Funky President James Brown
  6. Babies Pulp
  7. Hide and Seek Imogen Heap
  8. I Need All of the Friends I Can Get Camera Obscura

Imogen Heap – an exceptional talent

Say “hello” to Imogen Heap – singer, songwriter, music producer, audio engineer, classically trained pianist, cellist and clarinettist. Moreover, guitarist, multi-percussionist and player and advocate of both the array mbira and the hang. To clarify, yeah, go follow those links because we had no idea what they were either!

Imogen attended a private school in Saffron Walden and did not get along at all well with her music teacher despite her obvious talent. Having been classically trained in both clarinet, cello and piano Imogen taught herself guitar and drums. Clearly not enough, she went on to learn to music production, sampling, sequencing and production on Atari computers. Subsequently, you can hear echoes of all of those facets in her music.

At age 18 she signed with independent label Almo Sounds after recording four demos with Nik Kershaw. After that Imogen then began collaborating with experimental pop band Acacia. Her debut album iMegaphone followed but Imogen was dropped by Almo Sounds when funding dried up. Without a label, Imogen continued her prolific output. She then formed the short-lived duet Frou Frou with longtime collaborator Guy Sigsworth. In 2002 they released their only album Details to critical acclaim.

Things you may not know…

Jarvis Cocker, the effortlessly cool bespectacled frontman of Pulp when asked about listening to his own work remarked:

I’d rather suck off a dog’s knob than listen to one of my own records

Tobin mentioned on the show today that there was a rumour that Jack and Meg White were brother and sister. He buried that myth with the news that they were, in fact, man and wife. Actually, Meg was always a White and Jack Gillis took her surname in marriage.

James Brown was sent to live with his aunt Honey Washington at the age of 6. Honey ran a brothel and sold moonshine for a living. The Godfather of Soul died on Christmas Day 2006. Subsequently, he was laid to rest in a 24-karat-gold coffin.

Listen to our vinyl 45rpm of James Brown’s Funky President here

Headlock Imogen Heap Ryan Obermeyer
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