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Indigo Morgan lights the touchpaper

Firstly, Indigo Morgan is our surprise catch on the show today. She currently has 3 albums out, the latest released as recently as this month. You can check her out on Spotify. Secondly, we also have newish music from the likes of Caroline Rose, Mitski and Courtney Barnett. Welcome to the show, let’s dive straight in. First up it’s Caamp

Track Listing

  1. All the Debts I Owe Caamp
  2. Getting To Me Caroline Rose
  3. You Make Me Feel Indigo Morgan
  4. Nobody Mitski
  5. Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit Nanook
  6. Need A Little Time Courtney Barnett
  7. Jumping At Shadows Duster Bennett (original 1969 vinyl play)
  8. 26 Caamp
  9. Send the Fisherman Caamp

Indigo Morgan – the three LP wonder

The intriguing and wonderfully mystic Indigo Morgan is our under-represented artist in this episode of the show. She has three LP’s currently available. The first two are self-published, however, she appears to have a record deal for the third. The track we played on today’s show – You Make Me Feel – comes from off of the A Song for Bowie album. Here’s a catalogue of her work, we heartily recommend checking out her work. She’s different, interesting and engaging.

Indigo also has significant work published on YouTube. Here’s a link to her channel. As a result of searching for Lou Reed’s This Magic Moment, we found a new favourite. Therefore, Indigo has achieved a place in our From the Bottom of the Record Box catalogue.

Nanook – Our Sun is Shining on You

When Christian K. Elsner was small and living in Nanortalik in southern Greenland he once encountered a dog named Nanook because of his white coat. Nanook is a legendary polar bear. When the Elsner brothers started a band later in life, it got the name Nanook – the biggest bear. They also chose the name because they were inspired by the polar bear, which survives extreme conditions, but which is also endangered. By calling themselves Nanook, the band hoped to be able to educate the world about the polar bear’s critical situation.

When the band released their debut album Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit (“Our Sun is Shining on You”) in 2009, they quickly became one of the most famous bands in Greenland. Despite the lyrics being in Greenlandic , which only just over 50,000 people speak, their album Ai Ai (“Lucky Song”) from 2011, soon sold 10,000 albums. You can learn more about this fascinating band from their Facebook page.

Duster Bennett – harp virtuoso

The untimely death in 1976 of 29 year-old Duster Bennett was a sad loss to the music world. After playing a set with Memphis Slim on 26 March 1976 Duster was travelling home in a Ford Transit van and apparently fell asleep at the wheel. The van collided with a truck and consequently Duster was killed immediately.

Duster emerged out of the late ’60s art school music scene in Kingston-upon-Thames and Guildford. His virtuosic combination of drums, guitar (a 1952 Les Paul Goldtop gifted to him by Peter Green) and harmonica soon attracted wide recognition. He was often played on John Peel’s Top Gear show between 1968 and 1970. He embarked on a US tour in 1970 with blues legend John Mayall both as a member of the Bluesbreakers and as a solo act. The track we play here, Jumping At Shadows was subsequently covered by Fleetwood Mac and Gary Moore.

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