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Jack Hubbell returns in Season II with his new LP – it’s an exclusive

Hello there! Jack Hubbell makes a return to form and a return to the show with his latest Telyscopes release. Well, we say latest, it’s not even released yet so you are getting an exclusive pre-release listen. No charge. It’s what we do. Also, on a general note, it’s great to be back. After a 12 week hiatus we are poised to deliver music that begs to be listened to. And, as a sage friend of the show said to us only today, “the best music ever produced you’ll never hear“. Sage indeed.

So let’s kick off the season with Jack Hubbell, Glaswegian punk, Brazilian electronica and Jamie with his crazy Japanese post punk surf rock. Yep, buckle up, we’re on it this season.

  1. Flaming June Telyscopes
  2. Don’t Haunt This Place The Rural Alberta Advantage
  3. When To Stop Dohatsuten
  4. I’ll Be Happy When You Die The Roly Mo
  5. Sólo quiero que me salves tû Rubio
  6. Hunger For A Way Out Sweeping Promises
  7. Cicada Buzz Telyscopes

Jack Hubbell isn’t all we’ve got

Glaswegian indie rock newcomers The Roly Mo have revealed their conscientious new sing-a-long ‘Control Yourself’.

‘Control Yourself’ is the third and final single taken from the newly announced upcoming debut EP ‘TRM’ which is set for release on September 11th. ‘Control Yourself’ follows the swaggeringly confident ‘Diamond Doll’ and paranoia-inspired ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die’ singles. 

Known for specialising in short-sighted decision-making and adolescent hedonism. On ‘Control Yourself’, The Roly Mo arrive as an understanding hand on your shoulder. Quieting inner turmoil from the night before. Speaking on the new single, The Roly Mo’s frontman Joe Morton notes “it’s a personal favourite of mine as I feel I’ve given myself the best advice I could receive but never seem to put into practice” as he appears on the single artwork.

it’s a personal favourite of mine as I feel I’ve given myself the best advice I could receive but never seem to put into practice

Joe Morton – The Roly Mo

The Roly Mo – what to expect

So what can you expect from this intricate rock outfit? ‘TRM’ is brutally honest, intoxicatingly confident and reframes vulnerability with a seemingly carefree and feel-good attitude.“To us, ‘TRM’ is our way of expressing thoughts on our day to day life, from feelings of lust, loss and addictions – this is us, young and reckless” with bassist Andrew Noble noting “there’s definitely a theme throughout the EP…it’s so much better playing ”At their core, The Roly Mo are indie rock played fast and loud, hardened by life on the outskirts of Glasgow. Illustrious in storytelling, whether boldly fictional or heartbreakingly sincere, the young four piece welcome the hardest of subjects with the hardest of riffs and catchiest of singalongs. 

The six-track statement EP invites you into The Roly Mo’s world, showing you their gritty yet romantic vision of Glasgow, kicking off with punk serenade ‘She’s So Hot’ – a song drummer Lewis Jaoui remarks “it’s a class start to the EP but we never expected to record it” – swaggering into rock n’ roll gem ‘Diamond Doll’ before giving you devastating indie stylings on ‘Count To Ten’. On their decision to deliver six tracks, Morton says “I was raging because with other bands, I didn’t have more to listen to” – the band agree, he continues, “Maybe that works for other bands, maybe that shit works but I like having loads of tunes that people can listen to, so they can understand it more”.

Already making waves

The pain-staking anthem ‘Stuck In A Rut’ stirs up a relatable resentment of routine before diving into the hair-raising ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die – the single BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders crowned as his ‘Next Wave’ alongside plays on Daniel P Carter.’s Radio 1 Rock Show’. I’ll Be Happy When You Die’ sounded like a chapter in a Quentin Tarantino film…he’s a psychopath, he’s off his rocker” exclaims Livingstone. “We pretty much focused purely on the music and the structure for this… there’s hints of an over exaggerated anger towards someone or a hyper-paranoid state of mind too” Joe Morton explains. The EP finishes with new single ‘Control Yourself’.

Winning over audiences at festivals like Tenement Trail, Stag and Dagger and EH6 and stealing the show in their support slots with Glasgow stalwarts The Dunts, Baby Strange, Gallus, Dead Pony (Crystal) and Pleasure Heads, The Roly Mo are Joe Morton (vocals, guitar), Jack Livingstone (guitar), Andrew Noble (bass) and Lewis Jaoui (drums)

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