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Jennifer Propeller – 3 deep cuts with a promise of more on the way

Jennifer Propeller, 3 tracks deep and a further EP in the wings. They are the self-styled dreamy end of indie-alternative melancholia. And they are a unanimous success here. It’s the combination of dreamy guitars and Dalena’s voice that really make Jennifer Propeller stand out. Luckily for us, we’ve also managed to have a sneak preview of some of their upcoming work. We can’t share that with you, our listeners, just yet, so please be patient. However, the moment that JP are ready to allow release we shall be amongst the first to broadcast this excellent new material.

Secondly, we have unreleased music from an unsigned and untitled band. Who’d have thought it? Two chaps in the gestation period of their new band have submitted some tunes. We’ve listened through the lot and offer our opinion on what we consider to be the best. You’d think that these two alone, nestled in the middle of Tobin’s box-ticking bookend, would be more than enough. No. We are heading quickly into the final trimester of Season II and so we are cramming.

That Jamie and Listener Julian

Jamie excels this week, surpassing even his own high standards. Ida Mae are Jamie’s choice which sets the scene for our Listener Recommendation this week. Julian has been in touch and we get him on the line to introduce his choice. Think you can do better? OK, we’re all ears – get in touch.

  1. Crazy Girls The California Honeydrops
  2. Lazarus John & Tim
  3. Raining For You Ida Mae
  4. Can’t Cry No More Jimmy Regal and the Royals
  5. The Flower Clock David Boulter
  6. Jennifer Propeller Jennifer Propeller
  7. Spreadin’ Honey The California Honeydrops

Jennifer Propeller – the dreamy end of indie-alternative melancholia

The idea for what would later become Jennifer Propeller was first conceived in the late summer of 2016. Founding members and long-time friends Stanley Guffogg (song-writer/guitars/keys) and Daniel Cornell (guitars/keys) met up one sunny afternoon. It was in the small South West seaside town of Falmouth, UK.

The reason for the meet-up was nothing to do with music. More of a general catchup than an intention to form a band. Daniel had come into town to suss out a couple of other musicians. They were looking to put a new group together, none of whom turned up.

Stan revealed: “I’ve had this idea for a band for a while now: I want the guitars to sound huge. Full of lush harmonic noise with layered vocal harmonies. Think in terms of My Bloody Valentine and The Cocteau Twins.”

Nothing could have sounded more appealing to Dan. He was in a haze of listening to alt-rock bands at the time. The two quickly got together and began arranging songs that Stan had already penned. Next they began filling out the rest of the members.

Fleshing out Jennifer Propeller

Daniel was to receive a tip off that there was a uniquely talented singer named Dalena Santana. She frequently sang at a bar called Whiskers in the not-so-nearby, but not-so-far-away, town of Newquay. Off Daniel and Stanley went to the county’s opposite coast. They were suitably impressed with Dalena’s performance, having never heard a singer with such raw talent in Cornwall before. After trying to find Dalena after her set, they finally managed to arrange an audition. Needless to say, Dalena was an instant fit with the songs. Suddenly the band quickly began rehearsing their entire setlist.

I want the guitars to sound huge. Full of lush harmonic noise with layered vocal harmonies.

Stan Guffog

It would be sometime before the line-up was finalised. Respectively, Veronika Navrátilová and Daniel Gilbert were recruited on bass and drums.

On the 13th of March, 2020 the first EP Studio 35 Sessions: Volume I was released. Think of it as a collection of elaborate demos, if you will. Named after the place of recording, the EP is called Studio 35. Owned and operated by local radio director and host Simon Neild. Work is underway on the follow up EP.

What comes next is undoubtedly history yet to be written.

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