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JP Paulsen, Annsofi and Jerry Geraldi breeze in from Norway

Welcome to the show! We have a real mixed bag for you this week. Saint Motel are our bookend artists for this show. In addition we have the privilege of showcasing JP Paulsen, Annsofi and Jerry Geraldi. They also have an interesting sideline project called Musicians in the Mountains. Read on to find out more.

Secondly, we offer you music from The Shacks and the wonderful Afro-beat set up KOKOROKO. If this wasn’t enough, we revisit St. Paul and The Broken Bones with their recent release Young Sick Camelia. What are you waiting for? Hit that play button below and let’s dive straight in.

Track Listing

  1. Move Saint Motel
  2. I’m Not in Love Fun Lovin’ Criminals
  3. This Strange Effect The Shacks
  4. Abusey Junction KOKOROKO
  5. St. Mary JP Paulsen, Annsofi and Jerry Geraldi
  6. GotItBad St. Paul and The Broken Bones
  7. Happy Accidents Saint Motel

JP Paulsen and Jerry Geraldi are Musicians in the Mountains

For the last 3 years, JP Paulsen, a well established musician and school teacher from Arendal, Norway and Jerry Geraldi, a lifelong outdoorsman and harmonica player from Queens, New York have developed a concept called, Musicians in the Mountains which combines their love of both music and the outdoors.

The two musicians needed a break from the concerts, organizers and in general the music scene. Consequently they have since found solace playing for an audience of mountains, ocean and the occasional reindeer in what could only be described as barren landscapes.

With camping gear, climbing gear or kayaks they travel with their instruments strapped to their backs and head off into the nature that they both love and respect. Consequently they set up camp, cook, have funny and strange conversations and most importantly play their music for the environment.

From the top of Gaustatoppen in -25c to sitting in their kayaks while playing music. Their goal is performing and entertaining under sometimes extreme weather conditions. Because of this, they are recorded for the entertainment of others to enjoy.

Their instagram channel is truly remarkable, check it out here.

Apocalypse Man

Check out Jerry’s solo project here…

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