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Kikagaku Moyo – just a mouthful of marbles or musical genius?

Kikagaku Moyo – try saying that after a few sherbets. Well, if you listen on you’ll quickly find out that they are our bookend artiste for this week. Psychedelic Western theme music springs to mind, but it’s much more than that. It’s a bold choice from Tobin but reaffirms his recent run of excellent music. Tobin is certainly on a roll of late and Kikagaku Moyo certainly back up his credentials as music snout.

However, as the introduction to the show declares, Tobin is definitely only one half of the show. Richard slams us this week with one man and a guitar. And one man and a guitar. And then one man and a guitar. Save us. But it’s not all that bad because one man is Smog, another man is Kristofer Astrom and finally he brings us skateboarding legend Tommy Guerrero.

Is Kikagaku Moyo the limited edition red vinyl?

Tobin poses a question to Richard this week. He has procured the limited edition of 300 copies on red vinyl of one of his chosen artistes this week. It’s Richard’s task to nose out which one it is. It’s something that was a total surprise for Richard but with his lineage in buying vinyl for most of his adult (and teenage) life he’s pretty well placed to be all over this. Does he manage it?

  1. Dripping Sun Kikagaku Moyo
  2. Pull the Lever Loose Fit
  3. Feather By Feather Smog
  4. Devil Kristofer Astrom
  5. So Blue It’s Black Tommy Guerrero
  6. Silent Opera Long Arm
  7. Nazo Nazo Kikagaku Moyo

More about Kikagaku Moyo

Japanese psychedelic sitar-wielding weirdo outfit Kikagaku Moyo are bookending the show for us this week. Put together by founding members Go Kurasawa and Tomo Katsurada in 2012, they quickly expanded to include Daoud and Kotsu Guy following their days busking on the streets of Tokyo. It’s a true music collective. Obviously drums, guitar and bass are just crying out for the addition of a sitar. Enter stage left Go’s brother Ryu. Fresh from a study trip to India where his sitar mentor was none other than the now legendary Manilal Nag.

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