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Lake Street Dive diva knocks us out with her kissing prowess

Lake Street Dive bookend the show today and prove to be a big hit here at Record Box HQ. Tobin floated the band and their kick-off-the-show tune Good Kisser is a great introduction to the Boston five piece. More on Lake Street Dive later. Personal friend and country songstress Andrea Glass features at long last. Well overdue is a play from her. We have a track from her debut LP, North Wind. More used to being played alongside other Country/Americana greats on shows like the legendary Bob Harris’ we hope she feels equally at home here.

Bobby Womack ends his track so abruptly it causes some hilarity in the studio. However, we delve into his colourful private life and the legacy he, and his brother Cecil left. Cecil forming Womack and Womack with Sam Cooke’s daughter, Bobby’s step-daughter with whom he’d had an affair. All very risqué and exciting. We’ve also got New Music in the form of the decisive Husbands track Mexico. You can get early access to New Music from Record Box HQ here.

Wax time and a pre-release

Richard spins up more legendary tracks from deep in his personal crates with the sublime Urban Species feat. MC Solaar track Listen. French rap never sounded so good. Couple that with a pre-release from Goner Records, Aquarian Blood send us a teaser from their forthcoming LP. Couple that with a Record Box Classic and you’re in for a musical ride without comparison. Sit down, buckle up, get them head phones on and let’s give the proverbial musical bird to the outside world and enjoy each other’s company for about an hour. Just a little less actually, but it’s time well spent.

  1. Good Kisser Lake Street Dive
  2. North Wind Andrea Glass
  3. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) Bobby Womack
  4. Mexico Husbands
  5. Listen Urban Species feat MC Solaar
  6. A Song For You Donny Hathaway
  7. There’s A World Aquarian Blood
  8. Rich Girl Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive – tell us more

Named after a street in Minneapolis that contains many dive bars (disreputable drinking establishment) Lake Street Dive formed in 2004. You’re hearing lead singer Rachael Price here telling us all about how good she is at kissing. Backing her mighty claim is Mike Olson, Bridget Kearney, Mike Calabrese and Akie Bermiss. Respectively they play trumpet and guitar, upright bass, drums and finally keys. Keyboardist Akie Bermiss joined the band on tour in 2017 and plays on this LP.

Lake Street Dive was brought into existence by a shared love to create free country music. Yes, really that. Just country music played for free. However, as Mike “McDuck” Olson states,

The concept was abandoned for something that actually sounded good.

Mike Olson

Most members were already playing instruments at a young age and some even had classical training. However, their influences came mainly from the music they heard at home. Mainly jazz, soul and ’60s rock. Lake Street Dive also all individually cite the entire Beatles discography as hugely influential. In fact Kearney wrote Hello? Goodbye! and Don’t Make Me Hold Your Hand as a direct result of her love of The Beatles.

Further influences on Lake Street Dive

In addition to The Beatles, LSD cite Hall and Oates (heard here on the track Rich Girl), The Jackson 5, The Mamas and the Papas, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA and The Drifters. They also annually release a Halloween cover/video. You can go check out their Fun Machine EP which contains some of these covers. With this in mind, it’s quite obvious Lake Street Dive don’t take themselves too seriously at all. They’re a fun band knocking out slick grooves and having a whole lot of fun along the way. In fact, they claim to draw on the energy of their audience and are able to pump that energy back at them and mould the atmosphere in the room

We want it to sound like the Beatles and Motown had a party together

Mike Calabrese

Andrea Glass roll call

Richard mentioned on today’s show that Andrea Glass had an incredible roll call of musicians on this recording. Well, here’s some further information to fill in the gaps. The LP from which Northwind comes is Stood Under Stars, recorded, mixed and engineered at 16 Ton Studios in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. Mastered at Yes Master, again in Nashville. Featured musicians are as follows:

  • Acoustic Guitar – Andrea Glass, Shawn Byrne
  • Bass – Danny White
  • Drum – Paul Griffith
  • Electric Guitar – Shawn Byrne
  • Hammond Organ – Mike Webb
  • Piano – John Hobbs, Steve Knight
  • Steel Guitar (lap & pedal), Resonator Guitar, Banjo – Al Perkins
  • Vocals – Andrea Glass, Kevin Montgomery, Ashley Monroe, Andrea Zonn

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