Launch Day

Nearly time to launch podcast

Basement of X Records in Bolton - fantastic record store

We are really excited to announce the newest podcast to perk up your ears. Coming soon on iTunes, SoundCloud, Sticher & GooglePlay we delve deep into the Record Box of time. As a result, we unearth some unsung heroes. Music that never quite got the recognition it deserved, along with a few classics and new music along the way. Open a bottle of wine with us and hear musical discussion and musings over some of the greatest music of all time. You can swing by this website to get show notes and full track listings to each episode. We would love you to recommend tracks you’d like to hear played or just to give us some encouragement!

Watch this space as we are launching soon.

The post image is actually a photo I took in the basement of the wonderful X Records in Bolton (01204 524018). You can check out their informative and interesting Facebook page here.

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