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Laura Jean Anderson goes down-home and rips up the blues

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Laura Jean Anderson returns to the show and blows us away with her soulful, bluesy, gospel-inspired White Stripes cover and finally wins over Richard. Her track is tantamount proof that she is an incredible vocal talent and her new EP Live From Studio Hotel Earth is bursting with more vocal prowess. The initial track off of the EP Lonesome No More is dripping with jazzy vox chops from yesteryear. There’s more, there’s a live one-woman-and-a-guitar rendition of Thinkin’ ‘Bout You which featured previously on the show. Go explore that EP, it’s an official FTBOTRB Recommendation.

We’ve got more than just Laura Jean Anderson however. Firstly we have a beautiful bookend from elfish songstress Rachel Ries, two eloquent and tender recordings showcase this poetic, compassionate songwriter at her best. Secondly, we have a Krautrock classic from Michael Bundt; insidious synth futurism that’s a great introduction to this genre if you’re new to it. Tobin is a massive fan!

Wait… there’s more

New Music from Kalaido transports us eastwards to the lush tropics of Vietnam, via Portland, Oregon, USA. Motorbikes in Sapa is a wonderful foray into the world of Eastern musical instruments and delights with every note. Furthermore, we play the Jack Bruce classic Theme For An Imaginary Western as performed by Mountain. Straight from the vinyl. It’s the first instalment of our monthlong celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. We play tracks from the world’s most famous music festival throughout August.

Talking Heads are our Record Box Classic this week and we top everything else off with Royal Jelly Jive and the track Pteryophora. Join us for an eclectic show full of music that requires much further investigation! And last but not least, welcome aboard Young Chris, keep listening, especially when you shouldn’t be. Rock ‘n’ Roll Chris, pure Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Track Listing

  1. Anchor Rachel Ries
  2. The Brain of Oskar Panizza Michael Bundt
  3. Motorbikes in Sapa Kalaido
  4. This Must Be The Place Talking Heads
  5. Theme For An Imaginary Western Mountain
  6. Pteryophora Royal Jelly Jive
  7. I’m Lonely (but I ain’t that lonely yet) Laura Jean Anderson
  8. I See It Coming Rachel Ries

Laura Jean Anderson with new EP Live From Studio Hotel Earth

Today, Los Angeles-based artist Laura Jean Anderson has released a new EP of live in-studio tracks titled, Live From Studio Hotel Earth. The EP is a stunning showcase of Laura Jean’s raw powerhouse vocal, all recorded in one-take. The live EP is out now via B3SCI Records, available everywhere here.

Live From Studio Hotel Earth includes tracks from her debut Lonesome No More EP alongside a brand new cover of The White StripesI’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet).

Speaking on the live EP, Laura Jean notes,

Making a record and having the vast possibilities of production and instrumentation is exciting, but there is something special about limitation. This live EP brings the songs back to how they were written – back to those intimate moments of writing alone late at night with just me and my guitar. These songs are really personal to me – all about very vivid moments and stories of my life so being able to record them stripped-down and intimately was really emotional but beautiful. The day of recording was really special for me. I’m a huge believer of the power of a community of people. So it was really special having my old friend Theo Karon record this in his new studio.

Laura Jean Anderson

Following a busy spring on the live front including a run of shows at SXSW 2019 as well as tours with The Dip and Lauren Ruth Ward, Laura Jean Anderson will embark on a summer tour as direct support with L.A. alt-rock outfit Grizfolk.

Earlier work

Late 2018’s debut Lonesome No More marked the pinnacle of a momentous year for the budding songstress. The year kicked off with the release of 2018 debut single Silence Won’t Help Me Now. The track impacted as a much-needed rally cry for the voiceless in today’s tumultuous times. First debuting with NPR / All Songs Considered, the track embodies Laura Jean Anderson’s struggle resisting societal confines and breaking away from her conservative Mormon upbringing. Noisey described the song’s official video as “equally powerful,” giving the track a new, jarring visual context. Laura Jean further detailed the song and video’s backstory in an exclusive interview with Salon.

Single Love You Most followed, putting Laura Jean’s powerhouse vocal at the forefront alongside sweeping melodies and a textured instrumental. The track, tipped early by the The FADER, was released alongside a stunning video which debuted alongside an exclusive interview with L.A. Weekly. Laura Jean later released Thinkin’ ‘Bout You, a further taste of her songwriting dexterity, which was touted by The Line of Best Fit.

This spring, Laura Jean Anderson debuted On My Mind, an unreleased single from Lonesome No More that drew praise from the likes FLOOD Magazine and Rolling Stone, who named it among their Top Country Songs to Hear Now.

Laura Jean Anderson – early life

Born one of five kids in Olympia, Washington where grunge was king and liberal hippies thrived. Laura Jean was raised strictly Mormon, a stark dichotomy that inflicts her art to this day with a deep-seated poignancy. By her mid-teens, she began to form her own differing views and music was her first outlet for rebellion. Firstly honing her vocal skill in church choirs through childhood. Secondly, a bronchitis-ridden audition led to a chance acceptance to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) prompting a move to California to study classical voice. She made her way working odd jobs, busking, and playing live in any capacity. A testament to her reverence and embodiment of classic blue collar musicians of yore (Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, etc). They all built careers on painstaking hard work and rooted in all things live.

After a break from school involving farm work in South America, found love and subsequent heartbreak. Berry farming in Washington state, and residing in a hippie commune, Laura Jean moved back to L.A. to finish school at CalArts. Since then, she’s lived in various artist compounds on L.A.’s east side. Throwing pop-up house shows, always surrounded by musicians, always performing.

Listen to the Live From Studio Hotel Earth EP in its entirety now at the links below and be on the lookout for more to come from the rising artist very soon.

Woodstock celebration

This week’s show marks our first track in our month long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. This week is both a Cover Shot and a Record Box Classic, it’s the quite wonderful Theme for an Imaginary Western performed by Mountain. This was only their third gig as a band! The set played between 9pm and 10pm on Saturday 16th August 1969. Enjoy.

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