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Laura Rain rocks, blues, souls and funks her way into the show

Laura Rain and The Caesars mean business and remind us that Detroit can still rock your socks off. Their gritty, determined, funk-soul-blues is delivered with the power of a juggernaut. Listen on to join the bus. Also coming up on the show we have a bookend from Middle Kids – more about whom Tobin will share with us. A musical surprise is sprung on Tobin and we find out that he’s already a fan. Talking Heads make their second appearance on the show and we have some good old Kraut-Rock from Harmonia.

From the Bottom of the Record Box is also introducing you to John Grant. If you’re not already familiar, this is the track Fireflies off of his Queen of Denmark LP. Come on in, it’s a belter this week. Guaranteed – to our listeners around the globe.

Track Listing

  1. Edge of Town Middle Kids
  2. Seasons Laura Rain & The Caesars
  3. Burning Down the House Talking Heads
  4. Fireflies John Grant
  5. 1922 Blues Charlie Parr
  6. Watussi Harmonia
  7. Lost Friends Middle Kids

Detroit’s Laura Rain & The Caesars


A tough, hard-working American city is reinventing itself as a vibrant incubator of ideas and creation. Back from decades of neglect, Detroit has returned to the forefront on the world stage. Adventurers, investors, artists, and young entrepreneurs are flocking to the Motor City, bringing with them energy, creativity and innovation. The city and its people are inspired again.

Outstanding Blues Songwriters

Laura Rain is a product of her environment, a hard driving soul singer who uses the power and finesse of her own voice to inspire and electrify your spirit. Born and raised in Detroit, where her father engineered conveyer systems for the auto plants, she delivers her original songs with fearless emotion and excitement. Backed by her band The Caesars, she delivers a unique blend of modern funky soul and blues worthy of Detroit’s rich history of creative innovators.

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More about Laura Rain

It is the Motor City where Aretha Franklin, Parliament-Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye all lived and created. A town where singers are continually influencing and defining the world around themselves. Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression through her music. Having released four albums of all original music since 2013, the band blends their favourite elements of funky ‘60s organ jazz, lowdown blues, dance music, old-school R&B, and soul. Laura and producer-songwriter George Friend have created a unique style, winning a prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Blues Songwriters” and touring the U.S. Canada and Europe. Laura Rain’s voice soars as she weaves her own path through a classic, but thoroughly modern, funky sound, reinventing the gospel, blues, and soul that the city made famous.

For 2019, in promotion of the latest full-length album Walk with Me and the single Pleasure Zone, Laura Rain and the Caesars continue touring with visits to the South and East Coast, bringing with them their own brand of Motor City music – soulful ambassadors of the dedication, drive, and spirit of an American underdog city.

Detroit has returned: strong, creative, inspiring and always funky.

Laura Rain and The Caesars are a Detroit-based rock funk soul blues set up with sass by the bucketload

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More about Middle Kids

Middle Kids are an alternative indie rock trio out of Sydney, Australia. The band comprises of married couple Tim Fritz and his wife Hannah Joy (vocal/guitarist). Harry Day on drums rounds things out. The band has been recording since 2015 and have one self-titled studio EP and the recently released LP Lost Friends. They have enjoyed live success as the opening act for, among others, Ryan Adams, Bloc Party and Cold War Kids. In 2017 they played Austin City Limits and the now defunct LouFest.

Lost Friends charted in their native Australia at No. 10.

We made our album Lost Friends with the intention to help listeners further discover what is true and beautiful about the world and its people.

Middle Kids

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