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Look Mum No Computer blows us away with homemade synths

Look Mum No Computer completely rewrites the analogue modular synth rulebook with homemade modules and music, so bloody British. Making a big noise on the show this week, Look Mum No Computer proves to be a massive hit with the FTBOTRB crew. We’ve got two songs from them and lots of discussion about our thoughts and feelings of this unique act. Look Mum No Computer has also opened a museum showcasing some of his many creations. It is without doubt on our list of must visits when post-pandemic UK reopens. Richard returns with songwriting phenomenon Nick Noone and his prophetic and reflective song Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down. Nashville musician Nick Noone has a massive back catalogue of original songwriting to his credit and it is clearly just a matter of time until he starts making big waves.

Jamie brings reggae to the show. Enough said. However, he also brings the fantastic Liverpool outfit The Marigolds and their genuine punk sound to our ears. However, the real gem in this show is brought to you by Tobin. It’s a contemporary take on a classic, traditional Pakistani song. It’s given a deft, artful and thoroughly beautiful reworking by Arooj Aftab. So settle down in your happy place, maybe grab a beer, and join the boys for an hour of music and conversation.

This week’s tracklist

  1. Waiting For The World To End Look Mum No Computer
  2. Lady May Tyler Childers
  3. Magnetic The Marigolds
  4. Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down Nick Noone
  5. Marchin’ Outta Babylon Riddemption
  6. Mohabbat Arooj Aftab
  7. All You Are Going To Do Is Want To Get Back There The Caretaker
  8. Living In The Paper Look Mum No Computer

Look Mum No Computer bio

Hi my name is Sam Battle, Look Mum No Computer for short. Based in Kent, England, favorite food is beans on toast.

LMNC started back in April 2016, initially as a name for a ZINE, about my unavoidable dodgy creative side, but quite quickly became something completely different, When i decided to get the video camera out. 

I’ve been a musician all my life, in various bands, ZIBRA, being the most recent one.

Now I mainly build musical machines and make music with them! I tour quite a lot, check my homepage for tour dates, I take my synths along for the ride.

I have no training in electronics, and about a year and a half of music at uni, so I wouldn’t trust anything I say because I don’t really know anything in an academic sort of sense, think of me more as a backyard engineer.

Nick Noone bio

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, but originally am from a humble working class family in Alabama in the US. I received two cassettes for Christmas when I was 6 years old — one of which was Elvis and the other The Beach Boys. Those tapes sent me down the road of falling in love with songs and music. I dabbled on the piano growing up but didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 19. Even though I could barely play (still barely can LOL), I wrote 3 songs the first week I had the thing — almost instinctively. I never stopped. I did the band thing for a while, but it was never a fit, and went to work in a thrift shop for a few years. Never though did I stop writing songs.

I’m currently sitting on many albums worth of material. Some tunes good, others not so much. I played all the instruments minus the drums and strings on Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down & Dear Delilah — for better or worse. I also arranged all the strings and produced both tracks in a friend’s studio here in Nashville.

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