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Los Psychosis – Latinx Psychobilly from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Earth

Los Psychosis manage to cut their debut LP to wax amid a system that is groaning under the strain of unprecedented global demand. And we’ve managed to grab a test pressing! Wow, what a record this is. Authentic, dripping with fiery Latin fusion and more than a nod to music from a bygone era. Gone are the overtly familiar tones of a sloppy double bass and a welcome heralding of accordion and lap steel. Certainly very different from the psychobilly movement in the UK back in the 1980s this is, however, certainly a noticeable stable mate. There is certainly an imminent line up change in the band looming, but this debut LP from this bunch of Memphis rockers will long remain a favourite here at Record Box HQ.

Secondly, Tobin scoops a chat with friend of the show Abril Gabriele. Since we last featured her on the show much has changed for Abril. Her angelic voice though remains just as mesmerising as ever, and we find out just what she’s been up too. Jamie brings the excellent IKOQWE along with a cover shot of a much revered Bowie classic. Furthermore we have Test Card Girl’s new release, a poignant and tender serenade to her father. It’s a glimpse of what is to come on her much anticipated EP.

And to top off an already excellent playlist this week, the mighty W.H. Lung return with a new album. We spin the pre-release single on the show and it’s a banger.

This week’s playlist

  1. Steven Spielberg Abril Gabriele
  2. The Medium (O Meio) IKOQWE
  3. Neptune 120 Los Psychosis
  4. Lullaby The Slow Show
  5. Young Americans Durand Jones & The Indications
  6. We’ll Always Be There Test Card Girl
  7. Pearl In The Palm W.H. Lung
  8. Lost Forever Abril Gabriele

Los Psychosis – Rock n Roll Dreams

Los Psychosis is a Memphis based Latinx psychobilly band heavily educated in the traditions of primordial Rock & Roll. With lead guitarist and vocalist Javi Arcega, Los Psychosis has been a prominent part of the Memphis Rock & Roll scene since 2011. Rock and Roll Dreams, recorded at American Studio and Sun Studio, is their first album. The record is 140 g vinyl and plays at 45 rpm. The release of Rock and Roll Dreams vinyl album has been delayed due to overdue shipping of the album covers. Release date for most streaming and download services is August 6. Pre-orders can be placed through Bandcamp.

Hoppin and Jumpin, Neptune 120, Dionysius Wave, El Vacio, Astral Dreams and El Ultimo Lago de China were recorded at American Studio on July 14 and 15, 2018. These tracks were produced by Toby Vest with sound engineering by Pete Mathews and Toby Vest. The musicians for this session included Javi Arcega (lead guitar and vocals), Corbin Linebarier (electric bass), Chapis Avila (drums, lap steel guitar, electric organ, vocals), Chris Hart (accordion) and Richard James (electric guitar).

Glittered Eyes, Ana, Paranoid life and Mala Luna were recorded at Sun Studio on February 29, 2020. These tracks were produced and sound engineered by Crockett Hall. The musicians for this session were Javi Arcega (lead guitar and vocals), Robert Cantu (electric guitar), Andrew Geraci (electric bass), Chapis Avila (lap steel and back up vocals), and Ra’id Cursed (drums).

Los Psychosis‘ Rock and Roll Dreams is a dynamo of a debut

Javi Arcega is living the dream. The frontman of Memphis-based Latinx psychobilly band, Los Psychosis, is pleased to release the band’s debut LP Rock and Roll Dreams on Memphis-based Black and Wyatt Records.

“I had no clue that this would ever come back again,” Arcega tells me, referring to live music in a, if not post-pandemic, at least post-crisis world. Now, fresh off a performance at Black Lodge’s Telethon fundraiser and having just released his band’s first full-length record, it would seem Arcega and Los Psychosis are poised to make the most of a world that, once again, sways and hums with live music.

The Memphis Flyer – read more here.

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