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Mac DeMarco – Canadian jizz jazz

Welcome to the show notes. We will discover two tracks from Canadian muso Mac DeMarco (actual birth name Vernor Winfield MacBriare Smith IV). It’s a Wax Time Special from Richard where he has dug deep into his own personal vinyl collection. Richard has come up with 3 belters, or 2 belters and µ-Ziq depending on your opinion. We’ve got a brilliant Listener Suggestion from Fraser in Bolton, UK. Word on the street is that Fraser’s going to be featured on the show again in a couple of weeks. This is as a result of the quality of the suggestions he made. He also added a short summation to each track. Thanks Fraser, it’s loyalty to the show like yours that keeps us going back into the studio for more.

To be quite frank there’s a distinct lack of double bass and banjo in today’s musical landscape

Fraser, Bolton, UK

Track Listing

  1. Salad Days Mac DeMarco
  2. The Fear µ-Ziq played direct from the 1999 vinyl
  3. Back To Georgia The Outlaw Orchestra
  4. Goin’ Where the Monon Crosses the Yellow Dog Scrapper Blackwell played direct from the 1962 vinyl
  5. Sunday Candy Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment
  6. Jaguar and Thunderbird Thee Milkshakes played direct from the 1984 vinyl
  7. Nobody Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco – singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer

Meet Mac Demarco. Canadian born musical one man recording phenomenon. He has released three full length LPs and two mini-eps all at the tender age of 28. Yep, we’re jealous. His musical style has been often described both as “blue wave” and “slacker rock”. Also more eloquently by himself as “jizz jazz”. Mac DeMarco was a member of several indie-rock/ post-punk musical outfits during his school years namely The Meat Cleavers, TheSound of Love and Outdoor Miners. After graduating from High School Mac DeMarco became a backing musician and moved to Vancouver.

Heat WaveMac DeMarco’s first solo album 2009

Heat Wave is a self-produced garage-noise/punk rock solo LP recorded in 2009. It sold out of its 500 unit run. After the success of this DeMarco toured with Japandroids then left Vancouver for Montreal to continue work as a solo artist. Times where tough for him. Unable to find work as a musician he participated in medical experiments for money. He also worked for a road paving crew. In 2012 his luck changed and he was signed to Captured Tracks. Shortly after he released mini-LP Rock and Roll Night Club. This well received EP convinced Captured Tracks to release a full length debut LP. Consequently, 2 was released. After that, DeMarco’s second full length LP was released – Salad Days. Following on from that, a third LP was released – This Old Dog.

Mitski controversy

Keen eared listeners will remember we played a track by Mitski on the show a few months ago. The song was called Nobody and it was off her LP Be The Cowboy. Coincidentally, DeMarco’s fourth LP titled Here Comes The Cowboy was announced on March 5th 2019. This LP also contains a track called Nobody. Mac DeMarco denies ever hearing Mitski’s LP before releasing his own. Mitski’s own take on it was:

I’m 100% sure Mac & I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious!


Vintage musical equipment enthusiast

Mac uses a collection of enviable musical equipment. Here is his current arsenal:

  • $30 Teisco guitar that has fallen to pieces
  • 1970’s Fender Stratocaster
  • 1960’s Fender Mustang
  • Teisco/Stagg bass
  • Yamaha DX7 synth
  • Moog realistic MG-1

Mac also uses open reel tape recorders and effects to record his music.

  • Foster A-8
  • Tascam 334
  • Alesis Micro-limiter
  • Roland Space Echo RE-201

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Have you ever checked out our #SundayNightSpin pages?

Since the inception of the podcast we have been shouting out every Sunday evening on social media our #SundayNightSpin. It’s where Richard chooses some vinyl from his extensive collection and sits down for a listen. We also catalogue it on our website where you can dive straight in, get more information about what he’s spinning and go take a listen yourself. Check out what he’s been spinning this month.

The Outlaw Orchestra – Listener Suggestion

The Outlaw Orchestra are a deep South(ampton) based 4 piece powerhouse comprising of drums, double bass, slide guitar and banjo/lapsteel. No musical style is taboo and the styles are blended to a unique Saturday night rock n roll recipe. Take country, bluegrass, southern rock, Dixie, Hard Rock, Flamenco, Cosmic American and Blues all sprinkled with witty tales from the road. 
Still not sure, think along the lines of a party bus with The Faces, Rolling Stones, The Cadillac Three, Joe Cocker, Earl Scruggs, Georgia Satellites, ZZ Top, BlackBerry Smoke and Santana.

Testimonial 1 to The Outlaw Orchestra

Support tonight comes from Southampton’s own The Outlaw Orchestra, a foursome who label their sound as “Heavygrass”. Guitarist and vocalist David Roux, drummer Ryan Smith, double bassist Alex Barter and Stephen Welch on banjo draw their influences from a wide range of disparate sources including The Black Crowes, Black Sabbath, Rival Sons, and Humble Pie. As the band takes to the stage they certainly look the part sporting varying degrees of facial hair, tattoos, baseball caps, raggedy-arsed jeans, and T-shirts, apart from Stephen on banjo who looks like he’s gate-crashed the party from a local youth club.

Testimonial 2 to The Outlaw Orchestra

What I was expecting was yet another take on the Hayseed Dixie schtick, you know the sort of thing, take a metal song such as “Ace of Spades”, stick a banjo on it and turn it into a hillbilly stomp. What we actually get is a whiskey-soaked mix of originals, with a southern fried rock base, overlaid with lashings of dextrous banjo picking. From the off “See You in Hell” sets the tone. The banjo is up front in the mix vying for attention alongside Roux’s snarly guitar and sneery vocals while the rhythm section packs a hell of a wallop.

The songs keep coming and they’re all good, particularly “Willie Nelson”, “Back to Georgia” and the closing “Burn the House”, but what really endears the band to the crowd is the humour, not just in the songs but also in the in-between patter.

Roux is a natural frontman, he likes to play up the lazy hick from the sticks persona and the audience lap it up. Stories about flat tyres in Georgia, days spent watching cartoons on the TV with his dog, while waiting for his long-suffering girlfriend to come home and cook the dinner and smoking copious amounts of Willie Nelson’s home-grown grass has the audience in stitches. These guys are entertainment personified, catch them if you can, or cop a listen to their new EP, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, if you like the idea of a Faces / Lynyrd Skynyrd / Earl Scruggs mashup, look no further.

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