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Mammoth Penguins – the band not the chocolate biscuit

Mammoth Penguins spark a debate of prehistoric proportions this week between Richard and Tobin. They both agree that this is a killer track, however, there is some ambiguity about the meaning of the title. Closure by Mammoth Penguins is the second track to feature on today’s show that has something of a nostalgic coming-of-age feel to it. Both this track and Keep On by Loose Tooth, separated by Record Box Classic, bring an erstwhile, teenage feel to the proceedings today.

It’s pretty much a scoop for Tobin this week, with the disco hit from New Music trailblazers Rayowa, that is, well, erm, disco. Richard is already bowled over by Mammoth Penguins and Loose Tooth that the game is already won. But like the hamster destined to run on the wheel of eternity Tobin brings Rayowa nonetheless.

We’re off to Iran with “That Jamie

Always a treat to have Jamie on the show and this month he has taken Richard quite literally at his statement of “exotic”. And so enter stage left Mohsen Namjoo. Jamie takes us on a lyrical journey par excellence and explains all about his chosen artiste for this month.

  1. Romeo Illyah Kuryahkin
  2. Keep On Loose Tooth
  3. Remember Mohsen Namjoo
  4. Whiskey Remorse Del Amitri
  5. Chance Rayowa
  6. Closure Mammoth Penguins
  7. Bulletproof Illyah Kuryahkin

Mammoth Penguins deliver a killer track

Tobin introduces the track Closure to the show today and along with his opening track, Keep On, it sparks something of a nostalgia trip for Richard. Mammoth Penguins are a three piece UK outfit based in Cambridgeshire. The current line up comprises Tom Barden, Mark Boxall and Emma Kupa. They formed in 2013.

It’s very much Emma Kupa’s baby as after her previous band (Standard Fare) broke up she switched from bass to lead guitar and vocals and formed Mammoth Penguins with garden and Boxall. However, their debut single didn’t arrive for 2 years. In 2015 When I Was Your Age was finally released, swiftly followed by the LP Hide and Seek.

They returned in 2017 with a collaboration LP entitled John Doe that Tobin refers to. It’s loose concept is about a man who fakes his own death and returns 10 years later. Mammoth Penguins were joined by friends Sophie Barkerwood, Joe Bear and Russell Lomas for this seminal recording that marked a shift in their sound from the initial album. Today’s track is off of their third LP, There’s No Fight We Both Can’t Win.

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