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Mrs Henry remind us exactly what good old rock ‘n’ roll sounds like

Mrs Henry from San Diego, California, bookend today’s show with two real rock ‘n’ roll bangers. Once again brought to us by our friends Blind Owl Records, Mrs Henry are a 4-piece rock outfit with some of the finest musicians on the circuit today. Recently released is the excellent Live at The Casbah LP and you can grab yours here. We feature 2 tracks from straight off of the vinyl in the studio today. Firstly it’s the fantastic Dylan cover from the Mrs Henry Vol II LP. Secondly, it’s The River from the 7″ single A side. It’s really special music so join us to listen to what you’ve been missing out on.

The Casbah is a magic place.  You can feel the energy in the walls from all the bands that have spilled their guts on stage. Melvins to The White Stripes, Charles Bradley to the Alabama Shakes.

Dan Cervantes

Foxed by today’s Cover Shot

Besides the fantastic Mrs Henry, we also end up in deep conversation about the obvious and not-so-obvious merits of today’s featured Cover Shot. It seems that Richard’s knowledge of ’90s popular music is outrageously poor. Apparently he was too busy “listening to proper music” in the ’90s. Despite his damning insight, it is a belter of a cover and one that to everyone else is instantly recognisable. Following quickly on its heels Tobin’s New Music provokes yet another one of Richard’s typography and lexicon rants. What’s got his goat this time? Listen on to find out.

Mrs Henry finish off the show in style with The River played directly off of the 7″ vinyl in the studio. However, before we get to the end of the show, Proleter and Gogo Penguin bring a fresh sound. Is it electro swing as we know it? Or some other sub-genre. We’re still guessing really. It shows Tobin still has a the ability to surprise us with music of integrity and worth. There is some talk of “3 by 3” which apparently is “a thing”. It seems to have passed Richard by but Tobin has all the round up on it. Turns out it’s a waste of time anyhow. Enjoy this week’s shenanigans with your two amiable and jovial hosts. More of the same next week.

  1. Man in Me Mrs Henry
  2. Dreams Hermitage Green
  3. Train (feat. Kahiti) Tymoxx
  4. Futuristic The Brother Egg
  5. What Lana Says Proleter
  6. Garden Dog Barbecue Gogo Penguin
  7. The River Mrs Henry

Mrs Henry – the 2 volume debut

Bands like Mrs Henry aren’t manufactured. They are forged on inconsolable stretches of American highway. Ignited by a consciousness-changing West Coast tour in 2015, Mrs Henry spent the last three years faithfully converting the West. Congregating a cult following, the band has earned an unrivaled reputation atop their already well-established individual credits (Howlin’ Rain, The Schizophonics, The Silent Comedy). Endurance is their vocation and bringing unapologetically live music into a new era is their mission. With an intergalactic boogie and a torrent of improvisation, Mrs Henry is burnin’ nitro soul and it’s all for the sake of rock n’ roll.

With the 2017 release of Vol. II (Blind Owl), Mrs Henry completes their ambitious two-volume debut, documenting the inception of a band and the solidification of a brother-hood. Nominated for Best Live Performer by the San Diego Music Awards, the certified 100% analog double album was recorded straight to tape without second-guessing or second chances. Building on the momentum, Mrs Henry closed out the year with a sold out tribute to The Last Waltz in the process taking their rightful place at the center of San Diego’s music scene.

Mrs Henry presents The Last Waltz

Summer of 2019 has showcased the release of Mrs Henry presents The Last Waltz – a 4 vinyl set and 2 + hour live concert recording accompanied by a 40 minute documentary premiered at the Oceanside International Film Festival on August 4th. Two years in the making, the live album and documentary has been celebrated internationally for its homage to The Band’s iconic concert event, highlighting the talents of the San Diego music scene past and present. The follow up recording The River, engineered by Eric Bauer (The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Heron Oblivion) at the Mansion in San Francisco, CA shows the band moving forward full throttle with songwriting and live performance. With a live album scheduled for release in January next year and a new studio record planned for release Summer 2020, Mrs Henry continues to define rock n’ roll with spontaneous abandonment.

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