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The Music Discovery Podcast comes to the climax of Season I

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Season II live in …

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Welcome to the finale of Season I of From the Bottom of the Record Box – The Music Discovery Podcast, with over 100 minutes of music and conversation. We’ve lined up an impressive triple bookend this week featuring Wolf City, Tenci and The Comet is Coming. Later on “That Jamie” joins us for the party as we sign off Season I in style. We also say a few “hellos” and “thank you’s” to a host of musical glitterati. We’ll be playing our favourite listener suggestion of Season I and once again Tobin utters his favourite two words … Harmony Byrne.

Season II begins on October 10th where we’ll have new features, more excellent music, more collaborations and a multitude of other exciting “stuff”. It’s what makes FTBOTRB your favourite go-to Music Discovery Podcast. So, we’re all ears. Why not get in touch if you are a budding musician and you want to reach a global audience?

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  1. Melt Yourself Into The Sun Wolf City
  2. Blue Spring Tenci
  3. Birth Of Creation The Comet Is Coming
  4. Tsar Bomba Telyscopes
  5. Future Teenage Cave Artists Deerhoof
  6. Don’t Make Stevie Wonder Godcaster
  7. Flyin’ Real Low Oliver James Brooks
  8. Avant Gardener Courtney Barnett
  9. Tell It To Me (Live) Old Crow Medicine Show
  10. Own Zone Guerrilla Toss
  11. Come Down vs. Calm Down Harmony Byrne
  12. Hunnu Guren Batzorig Vaanchig
  13. Music Is Love David Crosby
  14. Summon The Fire The Comet Is Coming
  15. Joy 2 Tenci
  16. That’s How Our Parents Used To Have Fun Wolf City
New LP from Godcaster - Longhaired Locusts

The Music Discovery Podcast Season I news round up…

There’s plenty to do whilst we are off-air. Here’s a quick round up of what’s new, what’s coming and what you can expect in Season II.

  • Godcaster are releasing their eagerly awaited debut LP. You can get your copy here. Firstly, if you’re one of the first 50 orders you’ll receive a booklet featuring artwork created by vocalist, axeman and all round cult-leader Judson Kolk. Secondly, Richard will be in conversation with Godcaster in Season II later this year.
  • Wolf City have recently been in the studio, both recording and doing a photoshoot for new material being released soon. You can check out the shoot below and see more of JohnnySeventeen’s camera work here. Also, the big news is that Wolf City have penned a song using material from this very show. Therefore, there’s no doubt we’ll be showcasing that in Season II.
  • There’ll be new merchandise for FTBOTRB coming very soon celebrating the arrival of Season II. So, to be notified as soon as it’s released and to keep abreast of Record Box newsign up to our newsletter here.
  • We’ll be talking to Dullards as we’ve been promised an exclusive track off of their new LP that’s dropping towards the end of the year. Moreover, there’s talk of a collaboration between George Pilgrim Sings the Hits and FTBOTRB! Meanwhile, the new single from Dullards drops towards the end of July.
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