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Nick Cave rewrites how to cope with lockdown in his own style

Nick Cave

Nick Cave, a strange choice for the show, and one that by merit should never be on here, such is his greatness. But actually, that is why he ends up here, it’s a paradox, and we’re pretty sure Nick would love a paradox. If you have the patience dear listener, then bear with Richard’s monologue about his love and admiration for Nick Cave as he introduces one of Nick Cave’s best performances. All recorded and released under extenuating circumstances.

Alas, we have more than Nick Cave today as we enjoy a beautiful bookend from Tobin with Sister Sparrow. It shows how Richard’s mental hard drive is becoming beyond capacity. We also have one man and a guitar, surprisingly from Tobin this week and some old, old jazz from Richard.

That Jamie” joins us with his would-be-wife Elin Hall (oh God you are so lucky Elin) with moon music. It’s actually from Iceland, despite Richard’s belligerence.

  1. We Need A Love Sister Sparrow
  2. What A Pity Right Away, Great Captain
  3. Palaces of Montezuma Nick Cave
  4. Metal June Old Maybe
  5. Wizkid Did It Eartheater
  6. Lygasaga Elin Hall
  7. Sounds From The Bush Mandingo Griot Society
  8. Sugar Sister Sparrow

Nick Cave – no Bad Seeds, just a beautiful piano and his own demons

OK, so we know that Nick Cave is beyond our remit here. However, he did something that was not entirely out of character for him. We are all so au fait with his speech returning his MTV award and this latest expression of music is no less. What Nick Cave did, as he was amongst many other musicians in lockdown, was to play alone in the Alexandra Palace. Quite remarkable. So used we were to lo fi bedroom fuzzy Facebook vidoes. Such is Nick’s brilliance that he, once again, bucked the trend.

And ultimately, this is the ethos behind Richard’s flagrant disregard for our ethos. It is in actual fact a celebration of all that we hold dear here at FTBOTRB HQ. Keep going all you unsigned and unpublished artists.

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