Acoustic music Bookended shows Cover songs Music video New Music Selection Punk That Jamie

John Schooley & Walter Daniels with Dead Mall Blues

John Schooley duets with punk rock harmonica player…

Acoustic music Aspiring artists Bookended shows Music video New Music Selection Sweet Joni

James Holt and his instantly likeable Little Green Light

James Holt and Inez Hargaden are your spotlight artistes this week. Multi-intrumentalist James Holt transcends to Indie-pop greatness with his newest single release…

Bookended shows Cover songs Music video New Music Selection Pre-release

Phat Phil Cooper invites us to cuddle up with his Winter Warmers

Phat Phil Cooper has the perfect antidote to…

Bookended shows Cover songs FTBOTRB Recommendation New Music Selection Record Box Classic

Vic Mars’ secretive world as viewed from a rail carriage

Vic Mars takes us on a journey of…

Acoustic music Bookended shows Cover songs Movie soundtrack New Music Selection Pirate music Pre-release

Hackney Colliery Band get us up and dancing – no diggity!

Hackney Colliery Band kick off our show this week with a double cover shot bookend. Both songs were massive hits during the 90s,…

Acoustic music Bluegrass Bookended shows Cowboy music Family playlist Family songs Music video New Music Selection

Pool Hall Richard and Tobin are our cuts from the family playlist

This week we plumb the depths of the…

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