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Phat Phil Cooper invites us to cuddle up with his Winter Warmers

Phat Phil Cooper has the perfect antidote to the colder months with his Winter Warmers compilation from NuNorthern Soul. It releases December 6th. However, we’ve been luck enough to have been treated to a prerelease of it and we share a track with you today. It’s Phil’s edit of a classic B.J. Smith tune. Tobin describes it as “sublime” – listen on to see if you agree. There’s so much more to go at in NuNorthern Soul’s compilation too, so be sure to check it out fully and give it the time it deserves. It’s richly rewarding.

Furthermore, we’ve got music-as-art specialist Alabaster dePlume bookending today’s show. Unique is probably the best word to describe this music. Firstly, Alabaster himself forms a new band every month. Secondly, he writes fresh compositions for said band and performs live. After that, the process repeats itself. Such a visionary way to approach music making. Alabaster dePlume is also an artist with a wide range of theatrical talents. Check out his “I was gonna fight racism but…” production below. It went viral for good reason.

New Music – Talkboy

Talkboy is your New Music selection this week and this track is even better than the previous track we played on the show. Hollow Spheres is a triumph and clearly marks out the path toward greatness for Talkboy. Richard proclaims that Talkboy sounds more like U2 than U2! Taken from the recently released Over and Under EP Hollow Spheres is for us the stand out track. It’s surely only a matter of time until this is a single release from the EP. Wasting Time has already been released as a single and has featured on our Patreon posts earlier this month. Greatness in store for Talkboy for sure.

In addition, we’ve got an excellent Cover Shot of Stacy’s Mom, originally penned by Fountains of Wayne. Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox gives it a fresh lick of paint and turns an already classic tune into an essential listen. Prepare yourself for the manic mini drum solo about a third of the way in.

Tyler Burns and Remember Sports round out today’s show. It’s the weekend so relax, grab yourself some “me” time and join us for musical discovery, discussion and commentary. Enjoy.

  1. Is It Enough? Alabaster dePlume
  2. Hollow Spheres Talkboy
  3. You’re So Sorry (feat. Addie Pray) Remember Sports
  4. Way I Feel BJ Smith (Phat Phil Cooper edit)
  5. Stacy’s Mom (feat. Casey Abrams) Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox
  6. Western Country At Night Tyler Burns
  7. Be Nice To People Alabaster dePlume

Phat Phil Cooper – Winter Warmer compilation

With the sweltering summer quickly fading from memory, thoughts quickly turn to frosty winter nights spent reclining by a roaring fire. Ideally with the accompaniment of suitably atmospheric and evocative music. To that end, NuNorthern Soul founder Phat Phil Cooper has trawled through the label’s archives and selected a bumper selection of “winter warmers”. They’re guaranteed to provide the perfect soundtrack to snowy walks, crisp autumnal mornings and evenings spent turning the central heating up to the max.

It’s a side of the label’s output that largely gets overlooked. It’s thanks to NuNorthern Soul’s association with the sunrise and sunset-ready Balearic movement. Yet as the 13-track selection proves, there’s plenty of languid, hazy and seductive fare. Within the vaults there are evoking mental images of falling autumn leaves, glistening icicles and windswept afternoons outdoors.

Beginning with the atmospheric “Aquapella mix” of Ilija Rudman’s inspired collaboration with soul man Andre Esput, “Tears To Sound”. Phat Phil Cooper gently guides us through a range of slow-motion tracks that variously touch on ambient and kosmiche. There’s also slow motion soul, dubbed-out soundscapes, post dubstep beats, intoxicating Indian grooves, pitched-down nu-disco and exotic psychedelic jazz. It’s a selection guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart.

It’s one helluva playlist

The list of contributors and remixers is impressive. Ambient soundscape hero Jon Tye delivers the shuffling, horizontal heat of “Wind Blows” as Captain Sunshine. After reuniting with his Seahawks band on an undulating, slow burn rework of Dos Palos’s “I’ve Been Around”. Claremont 56 regular Benjamin J Smith is represented by a trio of soft focus cuts. Rich in languid acoustic guitar motifs (one of which has been remixed by Balearic legends A Man Called Adam). Jose Manuel offers up the compilation’s steamiest cut, “Mumbai”.

Elsewhere, Phat Phil Cooper has opted to shine a light on lesser-known talents from the label’s roster. With the cuts by Lowhitey, Ragz Nordset (as remixed by Ghostchant), Abimaro and the Free. Ryo Kawasaki (the off-kilter psch-jazz brilliance of LP standout “Quasar Infection”) being amongst the most potent winter warmers on show.

Want to see in the ’20s with Tobin?

As we mentioned on the show Tobin is performing at an event on New Years Eve to see in the return of the 20s. In his guise as Professor Gramophone he’ll be spinning tracks deep into the early hours. If you want to join him and party like it’s the 1920’s you can get tickets here. The website has all the information you need on the event and this is what they had to say on the whole affair.

Return of the 20s is a spectacular evening of sensational music and captivating performances. From jazz bands and singers to DJs on gramophones, vintage burlesque, dancing troupes and pop up performances around the venue, there will be plenty to experience. Come dressed to dance and dazzle, mingle and meet characters. At Return of the 20s everyone is a someone, but not everyone or everything is as it seems. Immerse yourself in the unfolding experience and you may even find yourself becoming part of the action.

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