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Pool Hall Richard and Tobin are our cuts from the family playlist

This week we plumb the depths of the family playlist and unearth two blinders. The eponymous Pool Hall Richard and Tobin respectively. Richard has been spoilt somewhat in the family playlist as there are some excellent tracks out there with Richard in the title. And Pool Hall Richard is no exception. However, Tobin finds the similarity in characters astonishing, and obnoxious. To be honest, it’s an unlikely enough event to even have found a track entitled Tobin. Moreover, he actually stars twice in the family playlist, but that’s for another episode of the show.

It’s a bit of a bloodbath this week on the show as the ever combative Richard doesn’t mince his words at some of Tobin’s tracks. Both Cigarettes After Sex and Party Pupils and MAX come into Richard’s firing line. But that’s in stark contrast to the universal appeal of Pueblo Café; dirty and often comical street music with mariachi and New Orleans jazz flavours, it’s an excellent listen. Pueblo Café means that we haven’t quite lost Tobin just yet to the murky depths of electronic pop epic fails. He’s still a good snout.

Canadian retro rockers release new LP

Mumford and Sons evil twin The Dead South have just released their new studio LP Sugar and Joy and we dive in for a listen. Richard has stolen Tobin’s thunder on this quite by accident and serves up his choice, Blue Trash. It’s more or less a certainty that Tobin will revisit this LP in the future after he’s had adequate time to digest it. Other than that, Noah makes the cut with an unpronounceable song title (unless of course you can speak Japanese, which we cannot). Check out the playlist to test your knowledge.

Track Listing

  1. Pool Hall Richard Faces
  2. Todo Mi Vida Pueblo Café
  3. Falling In Love Cigarettes After Sex
  4. Blue Trash The Dead South
  5. Love Me For The Weekend (with Ashe) Party Pupils and MAX
  6. メルティン・ブルー Noah
  7. Tobin Ben Nichols

Pool Hall Richard – what a track!

One of The Faces‘ lesser known tracks, Pool Hall Richard wasn’t a particularly great commercial success. Written by Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood in 1973, it was released as a single with Motown song I Wish It Would Rain on the B side. In fact, it even pictured a photo of Ronnie Lane on the cover despite him neither playing bass or providing backing vocals on it. He had left the band prior to this song being recorded to form The Bump Band.

It’s always really good to see Rod and Ronnie playing and singing together. They have such a great rapport on stage and completely dominate the band. Fresh from The Jeff Beck Band they joined Ronnie Lane’s The Small Faces and became simply The Faces. All done by 1975, the band split and Ronnie famously joined The Rolling Stones and Rod went solo. The rest is rock ‘n’ roll history folks.


Stephen Thomas Erlewine – AllMusic critic

Banal fact: Pool Hall Richard was actually covered by The Butchers on their 2000 release Familiar Faces – A Tribute To Rod Stewart and The Faces.

Further suspect analysis of Pool Hall Richard

Unfortunately Tobin managed to draw much similarity between the protagonist and Richard himself. “Obnoxious” was the term of endearment he chose to employ. Pool Hall Richard with his yellow carnation and pink satin shoes is a worthy mentor for any young player we think. Described as having dirty hands but a clean scent, his reputation is massive and his demeanour slightly obscene. Richard clearly thinks these are more than attainable attributes and describes trying to hustle a friend many years ago.

There’ll be more from the family playlist in the future. Tobin by Ben Nichols also features in today’s show. What a shame that Ben Nichols irritates Tobin so much with his vocal style. The track should be a joyous event for Tobin but alas has become something of an albatross.

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