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Psykidelic Oven Mit are back with an EP of demos and rough mixes

Psykidelic Oven Mit return to the show with their new EP which is released on gorgeous transparent red vinyl and CD – yes, we have both! We have played Psykidelic Oven Mit before on the show — way back in February 2020. We played and discussed Staring Into The Sun from their debut LP Ghost Machine. Richard was lucky enough to be have given the pre-release CD of that LP (which he has since passed on to Ben from Wolf City). Whilst at an in-store event at X-records (Janus Stark) Richard stumbled across Ghost Machine on Vinyl. So yes, it was added to his collection. He was delighted to find it on coloured vinyl.

Further to that Frank and the boys from Psykidelic Oven Mit — ever generous — furnished us with their new EP on vinyl and CD, plus a copy of Ghost Machine on cassette. Add to that various bumper stickers and fridge magnets and you get the picture. Spooky Action At A Distance (their new EP) is a collection of rough mixes and demos recorded mainly through the COVID lockdowns of 2020. Well, the first three of four tracks are anyhow. Room With A View is the final of four tracks on the EP and is a demo from early 2019. It all comes beautifully presented in a full colour jacket featuring artwork by Rick Tyner. To cap it all, the record has been mastered by Greg Reierson (The Cure, Micky Dolenz, Grant Hart).

This week’s playlist

  1. I’m Not An Effigy Shilpa Ray And Flossing
  2. The Eiger Oneida
  3. Broke Boys Cartel The Reytons
  4. The Ghost Of John McCain Psykidelic Oven Mit
  5. Show And Tell Queen Cult
  6. Long Gone And Heartworn feat. Jake Kiszka Ida Mae
  7. Black Beach The Raybeats
  8. Dinner Time Stand High Patrol
  9. Bootlickers Of The Patriarchy Shilpa Ray

Psykidelic Oven Mit — we catch up with Frank (briefly)

psykidelic oven mit
Psykidelic Oven Mit is Brian Grego on drums, Charlie Schafer on bass, and Frank Bressi on vocals and guitar.

The music is what we’ve come to expect from Psykidelic Oven Mit, it follows on from Ghost Machine perfectly. There is a certain sense of fun, of tongue-in-cheek attitude to their recordings, a sort of wholesome naughtiness. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take these boys seriously, you should. They certainly do. Noisy and energetic, but with some amazing musical hooks, Psykidelic Oven Mit are producing a sound that is fresh, unique and without precedent. They are a band that deserve to be listened to, and certainly more exposure. Here’s what Frank had to say when we asked for a little more information on the band:

I’ve been working on the bio but it’s really hard to write about oneself. It all seems like dumb or goes on and on about stuff that seems boring. So I came up with this. It is deceptively accurate.

The arrival of their intrepid coming was foretold in a feverish dream. 
Ordinary average fellows by day. Deranged Rock&Roll lunatics by night.

Frank Bressi gives us a little more (finally)

The Spooky Action lineup and the Ghost Machine lineup are different though the current lineup does the full Ghost Machine album, and we’re all friends. The Spooky Action At A Distance lineup started to gel just prior to lockdowns which is why our album turned into an EP and we’ve been slow walking some of the other aspects of bandom. We have another EP (Spooky Part 2) almost ready to go and have started preproduction for some of the songs I wrote during lockdowns. So thankfully we’re still a band and cruising along on the music front.

But do they have a sensitive side?

Concerned onlooker

The painting we’re standing in front of was done by Peelander Yellow of the Japanese-American punk band Peelander-Z. If memory serves, he was an artist prior to the band. The painting is pretty visible in the photograph so I figured it was worth a mention. I think it’s called “Happy Toad”. His real name is Kengo Hioki and these days he’s based in Austin, Texas.

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