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Richie Havens – our second celebration of Woodstock

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Welcome to the show notes for our 1 year anniversary, it’s nothing special, no celebration of that here. However, we are celebrating Woodstock, and particularly Richie Havens‘ epic performance on the inaugural day. Quite what Richie Havens was thinking as he walked onto that stage to see all those people in front of him is any one’s guess. But we’ve got much, much more than Richie Havens today.

Our bookend artiste this week is another one off Tobin’s Australian roster. He must have some serious contact there. Mallrat brings us the belting opener Groceries and follow up at the bottom of the show, where all good Mallrats should be we guess, with Nobody’s Home. Shame there was nobody home when Ed Rooney visited the Bueller home and suffered a serious beating from Ferris‘ sister!

Further to all that noise, we’ve got a banger from Shoredive Records‘ Indonesian shoegaze outfit Superego, the track Float, Lost leaves us feeling just that. Shoredive Records have an exciting and different catalogue of artists and we recommend you get off that beaten track you’ve been treading for so long. Don’t look down at your feet in the musical mud, but look towards the heavens and dream of new shoes.

Wait… there’s more

New Music Shot since old Tobers has been away – we had Horse Jumper of Love in the wings but due to technical difficulties couldn’t get this up on our Patreon page. So, Richard jumped in with a Sunglitters remix of Baby by Primitive Heart, but you’re going to have to jump on our Patreon channel to hear that. It’s $1 a month for extra show, exclusive content. What are you waiting for? And lastly, but by no means least, we’ve got a double Cover Shot, M. Ward and the track that confused Richard, Let’s Dance, and the instantly recognisable New Morning performed by James Corder. Join us, it’s a lot of fun.

Track Listing

  1. Groceries Mallrat
  2. Freedom Richie Havens
  3. Nature Horse Jumper of Love
  4. Float, Lost Superego
  5. New Morning James Corder
  6. Let’s Dance M. Ward
  7. Nobody’s Home Mallrat

Richie Havens – Woodstock

That really was an epic live set from Richie Havens at the legendary Woodstock Festival. Richie Havens was indeed the opening act at Woodstock but purely by coincidence. The opening act, Sweetwater, were stopped by police en route to the festival. This delayed caused the organisers to move Richie Havens to the opening slot of 5-7pm. Sweetwater eventually appeared at 7:30pm for a 40 minute set.

Richie Havens held the audience at Woodstock for hours, often reappearing on stage as more and more performers were late to the festival location due to local highways being at a virtual standstill. He received several encores. Havens‘ live performances were always in demand, however, his performance at Woodstock was a turning point in his career. He played at The Isle of White Festival 2 weeks later (late August 1969). Finally, as Richie Havens was called back to the stage for the final time, he was running out of tunes. So, in a moment of musical genius, he played an improvised version of Motherless Child that became Freedom. Speaking later of this he remarked,

I’d already played every song I knew and I was stalling, asking for more guitar and mic, trying to think of something else to play – and then it just came to me … The establishment was foolish enough to give us all this freedom and we used it in every way we could.

Richie Havens 1941-2013

After his death in April 2013, Richie Havens’ ashes were scattered across the Woodstock site in August 2013.

James Corder

If you enjoyed the track New Morning as much as we did then find out more about Capetown Sound where this track was recorded. Nicole kindly sent this track in for us, thanks Nicole.

If you’re a musician and want us to help you showcase your talent then please get in touch.

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