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Roy Bulkin is our lost song of the 70s from South Africa

Roy Bulkin has resurfaced from his lost South African archive of the ’70s. Back In My Buggy will have you reaching for your flares! It’s a fun, sun soaked ’70s carefree vibe from a bygone era. Capetown Sound are reviving Roy Bulkin’s career here with plenty of his back catalogue. Richard is a fan, but Tobin is decidedly standoffish about this track. God rest Roy Bulkin, and let him posthumously rejoice in our appreciation.

But that’s not all this week, “that Jamie” returns with his always much anticipated Track Of The Month. And this week he’s on more familiar shores for us English speakers. It’s a curious idea, a band put together from already existing and successful musicians to celebrate the works of a poet. Robert Burns to be precise. It’s about as far away as you can get from Roy Bulkin. However, it works, musical poetry is obviously “a thing”. It’s always a pleasure to have Jamie on the show, and this week he delivers up a banger.

Double Cover Shot

Lick The Tins provide us with a classic Elvis cover, with news of its nearly record breaking run at Number One. Unfortunately English rockers Fleetwood Mac managed to out do it, albeit at least a decade later. But it’s not the only cover this week. And this gives Tobin opportunity to expand on his already unfortunate naming of featurettes. Following on from his absurd “songs from bands or others we may have listened to previously or not” whatever, comes “Richard is desperate to get The Velvet Underground on the show” feature. Never mind. It’s a unique take on what is potentially their most famous song. It’s such a worthy listen.

Tobin is back with his obtuse feature with his much lauded and admired SAULT. With news of a missed vinyl shipment comes another track from Vanishing Twin. There is good news, however, said vinyl shipment has finally reached Tobin. He’s calmed down a bit now. We hope you enjoy this week’s show. By the way, there is some very big news coming on the show in the next few weeks so keep tuned.

  1. Make Some Room The Suffers
  2. Back In My Buggy Roy Bulkin
  3. To Ruin Band Of Burns
  4. Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love Lick The Tins
  5. Venus In Furs Mike Brenner
  6. Smile And Go SAULT
  7. The Third Door Vanishing Twin
  8. Gwan The Suffers

Roy Bulkin in the words of Capetown Sound

Roy Bulkin was one of the lead singers in the rock opera “THE ANCIENT MARINER”, which  was produced as an SATV musical special and featured on screen narration by international movie star Michael York (Austin Powers) and Record/CD narration by top British actor Oliver Reed (The Gladiator/ Oliver).

In addition to being a successful solo act, Roy was also a top session vocalist and featured on numerous local and international award winning commercials. He also appeared on screen in his debut acting role in the movie “The Baby Game”. In addition, Roy Bulkin was an accomplished dancer, having studied ballet and Spanish dancing with the renowned Matoya Spanish Dancing School.

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