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Sammy Brue drops the brilliant Crash Test Kid on us

Sammy Brue has managed to pen another belter with Crash Test Kid and we’ve got a track on the show. Turn it up, it’s no acoustic meander. The red/yellow splatter vinyl signed by the man himself is on the way to Record Box HQ. They’re all gone now but you’ve still got time to grab the black vinyl release here.

Also coming from the US this week is Reigning Sounds‘ classic LP Home For Orphans. Again, we think you’ve missed the gorgeous blue vinyl release but you can still grab a black vinyl copy from Goner Records in Memphis.

Spoiler Alert

That Jamie” returns this week with his now hotly anticipated Track Of The Month – he’s plundering the wealth of French Pop tracks this month. Richard runs this track by a real life proper Frenchman! What then transpires leaves Jamie with his tail between his legs. Poor Jamie. However, Jamie returns next week as we close off Season I in style. And there is a Spoiler Alert – next week Jamie delivers two absolute bangers.

Romero bring us this week’s bookend slot in fine post-punk style. It’s Tobin’s bookend and the suggestion that there is a possible point-scoring scenario sends him into something of a spin. The ever-competitive Tobin showing that he constantly lives by his own catchphrase “if there’s a chance to win, I’m in!

Brue has always been an artist seemingly wise beyond his years.

New West Records
  1. Honey Romero
  2. J’attends Luciole
  3. Don’t Blame Me Know Deidre And The Dark
  4. Teenage Mayhem Sammy Brue
  5. We’ll Be Fine Sirens Of Lesbos
  6. If You Can’t Give Me Everything Reigning Sound
  7. Neapolitan Romero

Sammy Brue – the original Crash Test Kid

“Music has just been a part of my life since I was very young – it’s been like my football or my soccer,” says Sammy Brue. “I stopped going to school to do it. Because I thought, If I could put seven hours a day into music, imagine where it’s going to take me…”

Imagine, indeed. Since writing his first song at the age of 11, Sammy Brue has released three homespun EPs, his New West full-length debut, I Am Nice and a 2018 EP, Down with Desperation. In the process, the Ogden, Utah native has been hailed as an “Americana prodigy” by Rolling Stone and one of the “teenagers shaping pop” by The New Yorker.

But these myriad accomplishments may have just been the setup for what is arguably his finest work to date, Crash Test Kid. Brue has always been an artist seemingly wise beyond his years, but on Crash Test Kid he often gets at the heart of a matter or melody with just a simple but insightful turn of phrase or cleverly-picked guitar.

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