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Savannah Pope – Freeway, her new epic single release

Savannah Pope – Freeway, it’s her new single release and could it signal a new LP from her in the making. After Atlantis it would make sense. This single release is a further nod to her past, and a glimmer of hope that new work is coming. It follows fairly standard Savannah Pope conventions by now, there’s the high octane guitars, booming percussion and of course the inter-stellar vocals of the rock goddess herself. However, it’s slightly more introspective than her previous titles, almost lending a certain authenticity to it. Whichever way you look at it it’s certainly just another stopgap on Savannah’s obvious rise to stardom.

Richard heads back to his beloved France and dishes up a Howlin’ Banana sandwich. Or should that be a baguette? He brings in two French bangers by Fontanarosa and Volage respectively. In fact, Tobin is a fan. True to form Tobin dons his socialist donkey jacket with DEADLETTER and their grim social commentary. Bookending with Courtney Marie Andrews, Tobin lends a personal and intimate theme to today’s show. And that’s it! Oh no it’s not, sorry, “That Jamie” drags Brandt Brauer Frick in.

  1. Irene Courtney Marie Andrews
  2. Freeway Savannah Pope
  3. Out Of Mind Fontanarosa
  4. Fit For Work DEADLETTER
  5. The Aftermath Volage
  6. Echoes Brandt Brauer Frick
  7. If I Told Courtney Marie Andrews

Savannah Pope – Freeway

Fresh off her mind-boggling performance alongside luminaries like Lzzy Hale, Ringo Starr, and Badflower for Spotify’s (DE)Tour Festival. Following her in-depth interview with AFI’s Davey Havok, Savannah Pope releases her newest single “Freeway” today!

“Freeway” is something of a rock n’ roll Waiting for Godot. It follows Savannah as she drives through the outskirts of Los Angeles, trying desperately to make it off the Freeway. Away from her own gnawing insecurities. The song is set to an infectiously upbeat riff. It is offset by the kind of humorous, brutal lyrics only Savannah can pull off.

“Freeway”, in Savannah’s own words, is about her “deepest fear – of dying in obscurity”. In this time of global insecurity and isolation, it feels especially pertinent! The song arrives on the heels of her last single, “He Sees Me”, which released to much buzz in April. Unlike the sensual slow-burn of “He Sees Me”, however, “Freeway” takes off at a proverbial gallop. Anthemic, catchy, and refreshingly substantial in the age of pop and interchangeable indie. It grabs the listener from its inception as a pure classic in the making.

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Born in Los Angeles, raised, “All over the place like a f*cking vagabond. Including a stint at a boarding school for wayward teens”, and boasting the kind of artistic ingenuity one sees just once in a generation. Savannah Pope has been wowing press and building an enthralled fanbase since embarking on a solo career in late 2018. LA Weekly recently named her the city’s best hard rock performer, calling her live show a “…full-blown theatrical spectacle” in which Pope’s “… powerful vocals are as big and brassy as her visual presentation is colorfully fantastic.”

Yahoo Entertainment listed her “Creature” music video – which she animated frame by frame – in their top 20 of the year, marking her as a formidable underdog in a catalogue of major artists. When you take your cues from artists as heavy and diverse as David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Egon Schiele, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, can there be any doubt that things are bound to get interesting?

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