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Snowglobe bring thoughtful, inspirational music to the finale of Season III

snowglobe close season 3

Snowglobe give us cause to question whether you need to be writing and performing garage rock to make it in Memphis. And the answer would appear to be “no”. We spin five tracks in all in today’s show from their 2 albums. Our Land Brains was Snowglobe’s debut LP released on Nine Mile Records and is beautifully produced and features a completely blank side D. Followed up by the brilliant Doing The Distance which was never pressed to vinyl. Until now that is. Black and Wyatt Records of Memphis, Tennessee have now released this excellent LP on wax.

Both Snowglobe albums are interspersed with dainty little musical diversions that far from being filler, are sweet moments in themselves. Horns, glockenspiels, keys and the usual guitar suspects weave a tender web of uplifting music. There is certainly a little of the Elephant 6 Collective to be heard on both recordings. However, we find Snowglobe’s music to be less avant grade than their stablemates.

Notable tracks include Adrenalin Mother, Baby and Medium. It is a refreshing sound that comes from these releases and a welcome change to most of the mass produced and manufactured sound that gets fed to the masses. We only hope that Snowglobe attract the interest and recognition they richly deserve, and of course we want another LP!

This week’s playlist

  1. Sickness Snowglobe
  2. Every Single Day Hornsbee
  3. Younger Than I Realise Dullards
  4. Counter Errorism The Crooked Fiddle Band
  5. Anthem Snowglobe
  6. My Dear Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics
  7. Panda MEUTE
  8. Calculating Fades Snowglobe
  9. The Devil Brought Tequila Brave The Sea
  10. Aimless Sailor Snowglobe
  11. Big City Lights Snowglobe


Formed by old high-school friends, Snowglobe’s music traverses the psychedelic folk pathways first cleared by the likes of Gram Parsons and the Byrds and later explored by the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and their Elephant 6 brethren. While the band started as a four piece, it quickly swelled to include more than 10 people on stage, at times. These days, Snowglobe is mostly a studio band that consists of Tim Regan, Brad Postlethwaite, Jeff Hulett, Brandon Robertson, Nahshon Benford, Luke White and John Whittemore.

Until recently none of Snowglobe’s albums have been released on vinyl. In November 2020 their first album Our Land Brains had a limited release on vinyl of 300 records by Nine Mile Records of Austin, Texas. Black & Wyatt Records is releasing Snowglobe’s second album, Doing the Distance. The initial release is exclusively on Bandcamp with release at shows and to stores later in the summer.

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