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Sunglass Moustache – we drop the needle on debut LP

Sunglass Moustache have literally just released their groundbreaking debut LP. Complex yet simple listening at the same time. This band of, how can we put it, weirdos from Texas, supply the bookend this week. We say weirdos, but it is said with affection and respect for their music. It’s music that goes wider than just aural appeal. It’s art. Remember Alabaster Deplume? Yeah, well Peaches from Sunglass Moustache is a walk down a similar promenade. And with the accompanying short film, it’s also a departure from that. Sounds like a riddle? Well that’s because, ultimately, that’s what Peaches from Sunglass Moustache is.

Beyond Sunglass Moustache, Tobin is bringing to the show, in no particular order:

  • An homage to John Prine
  • Sleepersound, a new release from Shoredive Records
  • New Music from Glassio
  • Yola? That’s right. He’ll explain…

Other than that, Richard stays stateside and head north to Philly to introduce you to the delights of Godcaster. Mildly ’70s French avantgade psych-folk influenced rockers, Godcaster are lined up for a bookend show of their own. Coming soon, you’ll learn much more about this almost cult-like band. Until then, enjoy this week’s show.

  1. Love and Blood Sunglass Moustache
  2. Faraway Look Yola
  3. Give To Time Sleepersound
  4. A Million Doubts Glassio
  5. She’s A Gun Godcaster
  6. In Spite of Ourselves John Prine
  7. Billy Lost A Bet With Automation Sunglass Moustahce

Sunglass Moustache – In their own words…

Sunglass Moustache is an American music band based in Austin, Texas. Their debut album, Peaches, arrives on May 15. Vibey indie rock with moments of psychedelia it’s retro-futuristic sound is inspired by Berlin era David Bowie, 90s Britpop, Richard Swift, and Neo-psychedelic bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre. Three-fifths of the band is originally from Louisiana and as such draws inspiration from those weirdo pop bands of Elephant Six with Louisiana origins. Apples in Stereo, Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel

The band recorded Peaches at Good Danny’s in Lockhart, Texas and Cacophony Recorders in Austin. Mixed and mastered by Erik Wofford who has worked with groups such as Black Angels, Bill Callahan, My Morning Jacket and White Denim

Over the past several years the band set out on a series of dive bar tours taking them all over these United States. Along the way they filmed a 35 minute music video/band movie.

It is a Lynchian collage of absurd footage that follows a loose road-tripping storyline and incorporates music from the upcoming album.

Happy magazine

The band is an extension of this former solo project.

Press release for Sunglass Moustche‘s debut LP

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